Police Siege of Albuquerque: Will the Feds Prosecute Top Brass?


Albuquerque residents wore red during a city council meeting to mark the blood spilled by Albuquerque officers’ use of deadly force over the years. Some protesters were escorted out of council chambers after remaining silent during public comment. They were taken out for apparently not speaking about the specified agenda item. (Photo: Dinah Vargas)

By Candice BerndTruthout | Report

Michael Gomez, dressed in a red button-up shirt, stood silently, his fist raised, at the podium meant for public comment in the Albuquerque council chamber, after putting a picture of his son on the projector. He had his back turned on all nine councilors present for the Thursday night, May 8, council meeting.

“You have blood on your hands,” he told councilors as he was escorted out of the chamber by Albuquerque police. His 22-year-old son, Alan, was shot and killed by Albuquerque officers three years ago this month.

“[The councilors] never listened to us for years. They kind of blew us off as a bunch of disgruntled families,” Gomez told Truthout. “The city leadership is to blame for all this . . . They’ve never said they’ve done anything wrong. The mayor has never said ‘This is my city, this is my department, hold me accountable.’ Not a word. He’s never said that, and he never will.”

Residents and victims’ family members wore red to the meeting that night to symbolize the blood of Albuquerquens that has been spilled by the Albuquerque Police Department’s (APD) use of deadly force over the years.  Now, many of those who took a stand at the meeting will not be able to return to city hall for at least 90 days without risking arrest, because they received criminal trespass citations late that Thursday after their protest.



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