Pro Football Player Thoroughly Shreds Trump on “Locker Room Talk”

by voidstuff –


I played sports in high school, so I’ve been in a few locker rooms, and I’ve never heard anything resembling what Trump claims is “locker room talk”. But my sports career is nothing compared to a professional football player whose locker room experiences 4 years of high school, 4 years of college, and 8 years in the NFL. Chris Kluwe, who played for the Minnesota Vikings, knows something about locker room talk. And now, he’s decided to share that knowledge with Donald Trump.

He begins by assuring The Donald that, “not once did anyone approach your breathtaking depths of arrogant imbecility.”  But if not that, then what?

We talk about our families. We talk about our significant others, our children, and our parents. We talk about our fears that if a Hitler wannabe who can’t even string together a coherent statement on domestic policy becomes president, what that might mean for those of us who are married to a member of a minority community, or are a member of a minority community, or have children going to schools where hopefully nobody screams racial epithets at them or tells them to go back to [insert foreign country they couldn’t identify on a map here].

That may seem harsh, but Kluwe was just getting started.  Football players do a lot of traveling, so travel is a natural topic of conversation – and speaking of travel:

We talk about what country might make a good safe haven if a Russian-backed presidential candidate whose foreign policy agenda can best be described as “gross negligence mixed with a spicy dash of treason” were to have control of our nation’s nuclear arsenal, and whether his stubby little baby fingers are strong enough to push in the launch codes on sturdy military-grade hardware.

This guy’s good, isn’t he?  It gets even better when he turns to the way football players talk about money in the locker room.  They make a lot of money. That’s good. They pay a lot of taxes. Nobody likes paying taxes. It’s a natural topic for discussion:

We talk about how all of us pay taxes, every year, and wonder what a presidential candidate might have to hide if he so stubbornly refuses to release his returns, what possible foreign debts might be lurking in that finance closet he so desperately holds shut with every ounce of his contemptible mental faculties.

But really, the Trump tapes were about sex.  Surely, there must be locker room talk about sex. And sure enough, there is. Just not the kind of talk Trump was caught spewing:

We don’t let each other talk like that about women, because it lessens our humanity, and even though we’re modern-day gladiators, we still hold ourselves accountable to the idea of basic human decency.

Accountability is important.  Members of a team, whether it’s a sports team or a political team, have to be accountable to each other, since each person’s actions affect everyone else. That’s especially true of a team leader such as a president. We all make mistakes, but part of being accountable is to learn from them and do the work to try and prevent similar mistakes in the future.

We don’t double down on a shitty play simply because a small portion of the fan base got excited by it. We don’t try to carve the team apart from the inside to appease a certain position group. We don’t blame our mistakes on something someone else did, because if we do any of those things, we lose, something you’ve become intimately familiar with on a personal, financial, and political level, and I’m not having too many difficulties reviewing how that happened to you on the game film.

Ouch!  That was brutal. And so very true. And yet, there’s more to come, and Kluwe saves the best for last:

So let me conclude with some advice for you, Donald. The next time you want to claim that something is “locker room talk,” take a moment to recognize the fact that were you in an actual locker room, you would be universally reviled as a cancerous, egotistical train wreck of a disgrace that no team could possibly find the time to employ and, honestly, would never even have on their draft board to begin with.

I’ve been in locker rooms, Donald, and you’re the type of narcissistic, pants-soiling fecal eruption that just doesn’t belong. Even football players are smart enough to know that.

Locker room talk, indeed. Then again, did anyone really buy that excuse anyway?  Other than his infowars-brainwashed cult followers, that is.…


Reprinted with permission from Daily Kos