Pro-Trump Rallies in 67 Locations Cancelled Due to Lack of Interest

by oldhippiedude –

ACT for America, a pro-Trump and anti-Muslim outfit, has cancelled plans for right-wing rallies in 67 locations in 36 states. The group says that they will instead hold “online demonstrations,”  whatever those are.

ACT For America released a statement to Breitbart, America’s number 1 website for adult virgins, claiming that the cancellations were due to “the recent violence in America and in Europe.” ACT For America, which calls itself “the NRA of national security,” is now proclaiming Saturday, September 9th an online “Day of ACTion.” It’s not yet clear what the organization has planned, but it’s probably a safe bet that it will involve plenty of shitty memes.

Despite their professed fear of attacks from the mythical antifa or a terrorist driving over from Europe, the real reason for the cancellations appears to be a simple lack of interest. After the consequences of demonstrators’ actions in Charlottesville and the humiliating spectacle in Boston, the Keyboard Kommandos apparently have decided that, discretion being the better part of valor, they will henceforth wage their battles from the safety of their parents’ basements.

ACT for America had set up Facebook RSVP pages for their planned rallies, and the response was a tad disappointing.

As of this morning the RSVP list wasn’t looking too promising:

We’ll never be rid of these ignoramuses, but it looks like we can make them ashamed to show their faces in public. As they should be.


Reprinted with permission from Daily Kos