Professional Bookies Predict Elections With 91% Accuracy – They Say The Result Will Be…

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Here’s something everyone needs to know: professional gamblers are far more accurate than polls are. This has been proven time and time again. The Huffington Post calls professional bookies “History’s Most Accurate Election Forecasters.” And, there’s a reason for this. Where presidential polls have been wrong in the past, even so-called reliable exit polls, gamblers have gotten it right with 91% accuracy.

While it’s not legal to bet on U.S. elections in the United States, that hasn’t stopped popular websites like Paddy Power, or Predict Wise, from placing their bets. And, yes, they do pride themselves on their history of accuracy in predicting elections.

Here’s what Koleman Strumpf, a University of Kansas economics professor who tracks betting trends, has to say on why he thinks gamblers are more trustworthy than polls:

“Relative to the polls, the betting markets have to think hard about what they’re saying since they are putting their money at stake. Also polls tend to reflect what people are thinking at a given moment, versus a forecast of what will happen on election day — post-convention bounces, for instance.”
While Donald Trump likes to thump his chest on a daily basis on how much he’s killing everyone on whatever latest poll just came out, he should know that professional bookies are betting against him. That’s right — and not only that, but they predict the winner of the Republican nomination to be Marco Rubio. Trump doesn’t even come in second; Ted Cruz does.

While the numbers do vary a bit, depending on which betting site you go to, the results are nearly the same: Rubio is expected to win.

Here are the predicted results of the Republican nomination:

bookies odds

It should be noted that whoever wins the GOP nomination doesn’t really matter. The professionals say that Republicans are also going to get pounced on in the general election against Hillary Clinton, no matter who they elect.

Here are the odds of the Democratic nomination:

bookies odds 2

Here’s how badly Republicans are predicted to lose:

bookies odds 3

In the final expected outcome, Rubio doesn’t even come close to Clinton. If this were a horse race, and you went in betting on Rubio, Trump or any of the other clowns in this race, expect to leave broke and empty-handed. You can take that to the bank.

Here are the odds of each candidate winning in the general election:

bookies odds 4

*Important Note* Bernie Sanders is not predicted to do 2% in the general election. These are merely the odds of him winning the presidency. At least according to professional gamblers, that is.


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