Protesters Shut Down Police Dept. After Police Union Calls Them ‘Race-Baiters’


By  Addicting Info

The Louisville Fraternal Order of Police sent out a disgusting letter to the local community claiming that that local community members where “race-baiters” for criticizing the shooting of a local man who had assaulted a police officer with a flag. In response to this letter, members of the community temporarily shut down the Louisville police department on Monday.

Reuters reports:

“Dozens of demonstrators forced the temporary closure of the Louisville Metro Police headquarters on Monday afternoon in a protest that sought the firing of the local police union leader for his reaction to an officer-involved fatal shooting.

“The local Fraternal Order of Police chapter said Thursday in a letter to the community that ‘sensationalists, liars and race-baiters’ were putting Louisville in danger, prompting calls for the resignation of chapter President Dave Mutchler.

“No arrests were made during the protest and the headquarters reopened in mid-afternoon, a police spokesman said.”

“We organized today as educators, parents, social workers, community organizers and concerned community members advocating for a fair and just Louisville,” said former Councilwoman Attica Scott in a press release.

Among calls for the resignation of Mutchler, protestors delivered a list of demands for the Louisville Police Department that included a “Complete overhaul of use of force policies to be more aligned with Amnesty International, Department of Justice, and United Nations Guidelines.”

“We have both a constitutional right and responsibility to understand, and where appropriate, question the policies employed by our local police. Public servants should engage respectfully with the communities they serve – rather than propagating fear through letters like the one penned by FOP President David Mutchler, or by ignoring our voices and the concerns we raise,” said Scott.

So far this year, nine people have been killed by the police in the state of Kentucky. The total number of people killed by the police nationally is 529, so far this year. Those stats come from The Counted, a project created by The Guardian that lists the number of people killed by the police. Projects like The Counted and the national conversation we are having on systemic racism and police brutality is because of demonstrations like this one.

Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info