Racist Adults Tell Black Girl Scouts To ‘Go Back To Baltimore’ At A Meeting About Animal Abuse

In April, a group of Girl Scouts attended a meeting in Maryland about animal abuse at their local animal control shelter. They said that they attended the Cecil County Animal Care and Control Oversight Commission meeting after hearing about abuse and poor treatment of pets. They stood outside the meeting, holding up signs with their troop leader when adults, who were also at the meeting, subjected them to vile racism.

A video captured adult supporters of Cecil County’s animal control vendor, A Buddy For Life, yelling “Go back to Baltimore, where you belong” at members of the Chesapeake Bay Troop 176. Arianna Spurlock, a 13-year-old African-American Scout, told WMAR Baltimore what the people were screaming at her and her fellow Scouts:

“They were saying, ‘Go back to Baltimore, where you belong,’ and they started pointing out me and my sisters…They were calling us, like animals and stuff,” Arianna said. “And I didn’t really know why because if they are calling us animals, aren’t they supposed to be helping animals?”

That’s right, adults looked at these little girls and thought “Oh! They’re black, so let’s teach them what it’s like to have racist insults hurled at them while they’re young!”

Ten-year-old Amayah Spurlock told the news station how she felt when she was being called an animal because of her race,”I was like sad and mad at the same time.”

When an adult troop leader heard what was being screamed at the kids and tried to stop it:

“You guys, no racial comments, okay?” he’s heard telling the adults on the video. “Saying that they belong in Baltimore because they’re black, that is wrong. Please don’t say that okay?”

A Buddy for Life Co-Director Jen Callahan denied that any employee was involved in the incident and said,”A Buddy for Life, Inc. cannot control the words or actions of citizens that attended that meeting. A Buddy for Life, Inc. does not condone the behavior that was on display after the meeting.”

Cecil County executive Tari Moore launched an investigation into the incident after police refused to do anything, but said that there was not enough evidence to charge anyone. She did, however, apologize to the Scouts and said she was disgusted by the way they were treated. Moore said that racially charged comments would not be tolerated on county property. She also cancelled all further meetings of the Animal Care and Control Oversight Commission.

How unbelievably disgusting is this? These little girls just wanted to help animals that they thought were being treated badly and they were taught how horrible society can be. We hear the right-wing constantly proclaim that racism is dying in this country, but all you have to do is open your local paper, watch the news, or spend five minutes online to find out that is a load of bull.

It’s bad enough when adults are subjected to systematic discrimination and vile racism, but these are babies. Seriously, they have been on this planet for, at the very most, 13 years and they are being called animals because their skin has more melanin in it than the assholes screaming at them? It is absolutely shameful behavior; these poor kids were doing something good and they were shown the very worst side of AmeriKKKa.

Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info



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