Reality Is Winning: New Poll Finds Americans Increasingly Aren’t Buying Right-Wing Lies

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Fox News makes a big show of being the “most trusted” source of news, but that claim, like much of what we find on the conservative network, is increasingly becoming mere wishful thinking. Instead, Americans are waking up to the fact that Fox News, along with its counterparts on the web and radio, are functioning as little more than a right-wing propaganda machine. People, particularly young people, aren’t buying it.

In a comprehensive poll conducted by Pew Research that covered dozens of major and minor political news sources, researchers found that Fox “most trusted” News was actually the most distrusted source of news for Millennials. A whopping 43 percent of those surveyed said you can’t trust what that network tells you about politics and government. But other right-wing media outlets fared even worse in their overall “trust vs. distrust” ratio. According to the same poll, The Sean Hannity ShowBreitbartThe Glenn Beck Program, and The Rush Limbaugh Show, all rounded out the bottom of the list – none of which managed to get more than 3 percent of people to report that they found what the sources said reliable.

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For conservatives, the bad news keeps coming. At the top of the list are news sources that many on the right have labeled “liberal” including the much-hated NPR, NBC News and the New York Times. Even left-leaning MSNBC had a higher “trust-to-distrust” ratio. (Surprisingly, CNN… yes, CNN… scored the highest “trustworthiness” rating of any source among Millennials.)

But it’s not just young people. In fact, only the oldest generation surveyed reported thinking Fox News was a reliable source of news — and even they rejected Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, and Rush Limbaugh. That’s not good. For years, it’s been known that the right-wing has been spending almost all of their time pandering to the older generations. When they lose those, they have absolutely nothing.

It’s not hard to see why people are (finally) becoming fed up with Fox. The network has gone from “right-leaning” during the Bush years to downright wild-eyed fearmongering during Obama’s tenure. Their idiotic pandering has become the stuff of legend.


They’ve racked up more “Pinocchios“, more “pants of fires“, and more Snopes debunkings, then one would have thought possible in just seven years. Things got even more obvious when the fact-checking website Politifact decided to painstakingly analyze hundreds of hours of Fox News shows to check for accuracy and found that well over half of all statements said by Fox News pundits are lies, and almost none of what they say is completely “true.”


It’s hard to say what is driving the refreshing skepticism about right-wing media. One guess is that it is getting harder and harder to justify what Fox News (and the rest) are saying. “Reality,” so the saying goes, “has a liberal bias” and watching Fox continue to insist it’s not raining while they are soaking wet is becoming easier to see. Given the hysterical way they’ve treated President Obama and the much brighter outlook of his unquestionably successful presidency, the partisan hacks hoping he failed have overplayed their hand. It was much easier to spin scare stories about Obama before he had done anything — They were just asking questions! – but now those questions have been answered, and the reality looks nothing like the doom-and-gloom that Fox promised.

Contrary to what the comment sections on Breitbart might suggest, most people aren’t dumb. They know when they are being lied to, especially when it’s from a network that labels itself “the most trusted name in news.” The emperor has no clothes, and Millennials are finally starting to snicker. How soon until the whole crowd joins in?

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