Report: Hillary Wants Joe Biden For Huge Role In White House

by Oliver Willis –

US Vice President Joe Biden delivers remarks to call on Congress to "pass common-sense measures to reduce gun violence" as looks on at the Eisenhower Executive Building in Washington,DC on April 9, 2013. President Barack Obama accused Republicans of stooping to political stunts on April 8 to block gun reform, in a fervent appeal delivered close to the site of the Newtown school massacre. AFP PHOTO/Nicholas KAMM (Photo credit should read NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images)

A new report indicates that Vice President Joe Biden’s long tenure in Washington, D.C. may not be over just yet if Hillary Clinton has anything to do with it. According to Politico, the Clinton brain trust is considering offering Biden one of the most important roles in her administration if she wins the election.

“Joe Biden is at the top of the internal short list Hillary Clinton’s transition team is preparing for her pick to be secretary of state, a source familiar with the planning tells POLITICO.

This would be the first major Cabinet candidate to go public for a campaign that’s insisted its focus remains on winning the election, and perhaps the most central choice for a potential president who was a secretary of state herself.”

The report indicates that a formal offer of the position has not been discussed yet between Biden and Clinton.

Biden has years of experience with foreign policy, including time leading the Foreign Relations Committee when he was a U.S. Senator from Delaware, and he has been one of President Obama’s closest advisors on the topic while serving as Vice President.

Biden considered running for President this year, and some polls indicated he would have been a strong challenger to Clinton. After the death of his son Beau, he decided against the campaign and has endorsed Clinton. His speech in favor of Clinton at the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia was one of the highlights of the event.

He has been holding campaign events on her behalf and is among the all-star team of surrogates including the President, First Lady Michelle Obama, and Senator Bernie Sanders that are promoting Clinton’s campaign.

Biden has also dedicated himself to leading the so-called “moon shot” project to cure cancer, a position that President Obama announced for him during his final State of the Union address.


Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info