Reports Indicate Michigan Governor Rick Snyder May Run For President

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Michigan Governor Rick Snyder

The Guardian recently ran a story that should make any person on the left cringe. The report stated  that former Minnesota senator Norm Coleman said that Michigan’s Republican Governor, Rick Snyder is running for president in 2016.

The Guardian reports:

“Snyder mingled with donors at a meeting of the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) in Las Vegas on Friday and told at least one attendee that he was a candidate.

On Saturday morning, the former Minnesota senator Norm Coleman told reporters: “I met with Rick Snyder yesterday. He’s running. He’s running.”

In a talk with the RJC board, Snyder himself was not as explicit. Ari Fleischer, a board member and former spokesman for President George W Bush, told the Guardian: ‘[He] didn’t say to the board that he was running. He made a real strong presentation about his results and successes in Michigan.’

Fleischer added: ‘You have to wonder why people to come to our meetings and it’s probably because he’s thinking of running.’”

Snyder and his lackeys did not confirm or deny the statement made by Coleman. However, a Michigan Republican consultant told The Guardian in an e-mail:

Governor Snyder is traveling the country to tell the remarkable Michigan comeback story. The country can learn from the historic reinvention of Michigan and the governor is helping change the perception of the state nationally.”

To anyone who has not been paying attention, that “historic reinvention” includes creating an outright fascist regime in the Midwest state. Snyder implemented the “Emergency Financial Management” law that erodes a local government if they are not doing well in the eyes of the Snyder administration. People no longer have any representation in 12 municipalities in Michigan. This includes Michigan’s largest city, Detroit.

Oh, and it gets so much worse. Not only has democracy been eroded at the local level, it has all but disappeared on the state level, too. The EFM law was so unpopular that it the law was voted out through a ballot initiative. Almost immediately after the vote, Snyder put into effect a nearly identical EFM law to replace the one that a majority of Michiganders decided they didn’t want.

Could you imagine what he would do as the POTUS? Let’s hope this is just speculation coming from Coleman. Snyder was a relatively unknown figure in politics before he became governor. I have to admit, even I as a proud member of the left, when I first read his platform I thought he didn’t sound too bad, as far as Republican candidates go. Boy, was I wrong. He might not be as dumb as say, Ted Cruz, but he is certainly far more insidious.


Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info