Rick Scott bombs with this crowd of seniors on Obamacare

By Joan McCarter. 
Daily Kos staff  –

Well, this didn’t quite go as planned for Gov. Rick Scott (R-FL). He’s already abandoned the legislative session, and is out on the campaign trail, instead of at work in Tallahassee. One of those campaign stops was at a senior center in Boca Raton, designed to be a friendly media opportunity where Scott could commiserate with seniors about all those “Obamcare cuts to Medicare.” You know, the favorite Republican Medicare lie?

The 20 seniors assembled for a roundtable with Scott at the Volen Center were largely content with their Medicare coverage and didn’t have negative stories to recount.And some praised Obamacare–a program that Scott frequently criticizes.

“I’m completely satisfied,” Harvey Eisen, 92, a West Boca resident, told Scott.

Eisen told the governor he wasn’t sure “if, as you say,” there are Obamacare-inspired cuts to Medicare. But even if there are, that would be OK. “I can’t expect that me as a senior citizen are going to get preferential treatment when other programs are also being cut.”

You tell him, Mr. Eisen! Scott also got an earful on Obamacare in general, including from 66-year-old Ruthlyn Rubin who believes everyone should get the opportunity for coverage she has: “We’re all just sitting here taking it for granted that because we have Medicare we don’t want to lose one part of it. That’s wrong to me. I think we have to spread it around. This is the United States of America. It’s not the United States of senior citizens.” Another attendee said she was pleased because her son, who has a heart condition and couldn’t get coverage, now has it.

At this rate, Scott’s going to have to go the route of congressional Republicans and abandon Obamacare as his big issue for 2014. He might want to avoid it anyway, considering it’s his failure to keep pushing Medicaid expansion that might be causing people to die.

Reprinted with permission from The Daily Kos.