Ridiculous Wingnut Observations of 2015 Ranked from Worst to Best

by Delawareliberal –

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It has been a hell of a year.  Wingnut reactions to things have ranged from predictable to entirely predictable.  But “worst to best” doesn’t really fit. This list, is more accurately ranked from “worst” to “even worse still”.

10) “The liberal media..(anything)” All of wingnut bluster about how liberal the media is goes back to a 1986 study that found that a majority of journalists at national media outlets such as The New York Times, and WaPo  were Democratic voters.  As if reporters had some kind of say in the political leanings of “the media.” It is laughable and you’d really have to have your head up your ass to observe that we have a “liberal media” while you watch your  “One America News” (on a TV implanted in your colon) because Fox has gone soft.

9) “They (politicians from both parties) all do it.”  This is another old chestnut that is a catchall reaction to any Republican office holder being caught doing anything.  In fact…, uh, no. The don’t “all do it.”  All politicians don’t indulge their baby fetish fantasies, and take their rent-boy vacations to the Bahamas, while claiming to be on the side of traditional family values. That’s Republican turf.   100%.

8) “What about Benghazi?” This tiresome wingnut reaction to any news item is the conservative  version of the meditative walking prayer. The goal, I have to assume, is to lose one’s self in the healing properties of the question “What about Benghazi?” while all real world concerns fall away.  What else can explain the religious fanaticism that wingnuts bring to their faith in the idea that Benghazi is the path to the presidency?

7) “The science on climate change isn’t settled.” Yes it is, so shut up.

6) “The government is too big.”   The eagerness with which wage-slave wingnuts carry water for the 1% never fails to amaze me. The whole “government is too big” line is just simple enough to enthrall the nit wits and dummies on the right and make them feel like that have considered and mature views on “economics” which they don’t.

5) “He got his millions from working hard.” This year, the “he earned his millions” ridiculousness has been used to explain Trump’s awesomeness. The fact is Trump, like so many in the 1%, started the 100 yard dash to his millions 90 yards ahead of the starting line.  We have less economic mobility in the country than any time in its history. “He got his billions by starting out with millions” is what your wingnut uncle meant to say.

4) “More guns would solve this.” If the problem that you want to solve is that your family hasn’t been accidentally shot yet… then yes. More guns will solve your problems.  In every other case, more guns aren’t going to help.

3) Corporate taxes are too high. This being an election year, I’ve heard a lot about the poor US corporations and their tax burden.   There just isn’t much to say about how wrong wingnuts like Speaker Paul Ryan and US Senator Tom Carper are on this topic.  They are just stupid, or they are lying. They aren’t stupid, so I guess they are intentionally ignoring effective tax rates and trying to get morons stirred up about the onerous taxes corporations WOULD pay if they didn’t also pay armies of lawyers and accountants to wrestle their EFFECTIVE tax rates down to 0.0%

2) Obama will not say “Islamic Terrorism”  I have to admit, I don’t get this wingnut reaction.  Apparently it is a really big deal in wingnut circles that the President  will not declare war on Islam.  From my brief survey “Obama will not say ‘Islamic Terrorism’ takes up a full half of the air time on Glen Beck’s radio show.  The other 50% of the time is Beck talking suckers into buying gold.

1.(Insert name of the most recent victim of police violence here) was no angel. 

The #1 Most Ridiculous Wingnut Observations of 2015 is one that invests police with every job in the entire legal system.  The wingnuts who claim to be tireless guardians of liberty and freedom simply love to take a dump on the equal protection and due process parts of the constitution, if a black person has been beaten or killed by a white cop.  It is as lazy, predictable, and automatic a wingnut reaction that I’ve ever encountered in these many years of blogging.


Reprinted with permission from Daily Kos