Rush Limbaugh: Obama Thinks White Americans ‘Deserve’ Ebola Because Of Slavery (AUDIO)

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Monday must have been a slow day in the blame Obama world because Rush Limbaugh pulled his latest right out of his you know what. He claimed that Obama is letting Ebola into the country as payback for slavery.

On his radio show, Limbaugh began his rant by responding to a caller from the previous week. Limbaugh admitted that he didn’t have the callers “exact words,” but his summary was that we owe it to Liberia to do something about the Ebola epidemic because Liberia wouldn’t be a country if it weren’t for American slavery (which is partly true. Liberia was originally populated by some freed slaves). Limbaugh also noted that Sierra Leon was established by “British African-Americans.” Yes, he said that.

Limbaugh went on to say that a lot of liberals believe “we kind of deserve a little bit of this,” before jumping to the totally unfounded conclusion “that we’ve elected people in positions of power and authority who think this, or think like this in terms of the country being responsible, this country being to blame for things and it’s that kind of thinking that leads to opposition to shutting down airports from various countries.”

“It leads to opposition to keeping these people out of the country: ‘How dare we? We can’t turn our back on them! They exist because of us. We can’t turn them away!’”

Here’s the audio:

Of course, the idea of shutting off all travel from the area is stupid. What about the Americans who are already there? The Washington Post notes that people would just lie and fake passport entries. Their solution is 21 days of monitoring with isolation for people who contract a fever.

Despite Limbaugh’s bigoted opposition, the best way to curb Ebola is to start at its source. We might not owe it to them because of slavery, but we owe it to them because we have the medical technology and in our global environment, what happens in Liberia happens in the smallest town in the U.S.

Oh, and Obama has zero interest in pursuing reparations for slavery in any form, let alone trying to promote a deadly disease that doesn’t discriminate based on skin color.

Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info