Salt Lake City District Attorney Formally Asked the FBI to Open a Criminal Probe Into Local Police

by Jen Hayden –

The repercussions from the bone-headed arrest of University of Utah Hospital nurse Alex Wubbels continue to reverberate. The Salt Lake City district attorney has formally requested the FBI open an investigation. From SF Gate:

Prosecutors in Salt Lake County, Utah, have asked the FBI to join a criminal probe into the violent arrest of a local nurse who was manhandled by a detective and shoved screaming into a squad car as she tried to protect the legal rights of a patient.

The FBI will be investigating the possible Civil Rights violation, something that is out of D.A. Gill’s hands:

Gill’s office is conducting its own criminal probe but needs the FBI’s help to look into criminal civil rights violations, which fall under federal law.

“In order to be thorough, and given the gravity of the rights potentially implicated, all issues must be completely examined to restore the public trust currently compromised by the actions depicted in the publicly released video recordings of the incident,” Gill wrote. “Our community and its citizens deserve nothing less.”

In District Attorney Gill’s letter to the FBI, he asked for a complete investigation into all personnel who may have violated Wubbel’s civil rights, and that includes the hospital security and university officers who were seen on the video doing absolutely nothing to help nurse Wubbels. From Gill’s letter:

We request your investigation to examine and consider whether actions by Det. Payne,other police officers and law enforcement personnel and anyone else acting under the color of authority constitutes criminal conduct, criminal civil rights violations, or other violations of law

You can read Sim Gill’s complete letter below.

Salt Lake City District Attorney Sim Gill’s letter to the FBI by dailykos on Scribd


Reprinted with permission from Daily Kos