Satanic Temple Schools Fox News’ Megyn Kelly On Constitution

By  Addicting Info

When Oklahoma announced its intent to put a display of the Ten Commandments on the statehouse grounds, it caused a serious uproar for civil libertarians across the state. In response to this, the Satanic Temple had petitioned to have their own monument on the grounds as well, as a counter to the display. The commandment display wound up as the victim of vandalism before it was ruled that the display must be removed entirely earlier this week.

Megyn Kelly thought it would be a good idea to invite a member of the Satanic Temple to comment on the court’s ruling. What happened next demonstrated how clueless the host was. In the discussion, Megyn Kelly tried to cite a ruling on a similar display in Texas, claiming it was ruled constitutional. The representative from the Satanic Temple, Lucien Graeves, was having none of it, pointing out that the ruling was based on the state, not federal, constitution. While Kelly tried to argue that the two constitutions were similar, citing her decade of working as a lawyer as an authority on the matter, we find that the Texas State Constitution, Article 1 Section 6, has a specific form of religious worship included. The Oklahoma State Constitution however includes no such provision, so Megyn Kelly’s statement that the language is similar is complete rubbish. The language simply is not there in the Oklahoma constitution.

Indeed, in checking on Kelly’s claimed authority, we find that she worked for a law firm in New York which specializes in corporate law, not constitutional. She also worked with a Chicago firm, also doing corporate law. As such, she would have no reason to know the Texas nor Oklahoma constitutions positions on religious displays. That she used this for a claim of authority, for this logical fallacy, is complete idiocy, as Mr. Graeves so clearly demonstrated.

The Satanic Temple is currently looking for a new home for its Baphomet statue.

Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info Spring Shoes