School Thinks Training Children To Take Out Active Shooters Is A Good Idea

By , Addicting Info

There must be an 11th Commandment somewhere that says, “Thou shalt put children in harms way,” because a pastor (yes, a pastor) in Albuquerque, New Mexico, thinks it’s a genius idea to train children to take out active shooters if they were to come into their school.

Pastor Larry Allen, who is also an undersheriff (because of course), has taken it upon himself to train children to take down a gunman who may enter their school.

Allen was first a police officer, then decided he would become a man of God and start a school. He started the New Life Baptist Church and Academy after finishing seminary.

Allen said: “There’s a time to pray, and there’s a time to fight. And I say we pray and fight.”

Sure, while putting children further into a life-threatening situation by giving them a false sense of security that they can take out an active shooter. It’s one thing to take out a pretend shooter, but when it’s actually happening… there’s no accounting for how children (because they’re children) are going to react. More harm could actually be done than any good whatsoever.

Allen teaches a curriculum that’s intent is to make sure kids are prepared to take down shooters. He teaches the young kids to run and hide while older kids, he dubs “warriors,” are taught to tackle the gunman until the police get there.

Several faculty members, including Allen himself, carry a weapon. They’re supposedly all trained to protect the students and also themselves.

For full coverage and video of the school performing their drills you can visit Albuquerque’s KOAT coverage HERE.

The school website has a section called “Distinctively New Life” that reads:

“The world is a dangerous place.  However, given the ability by the grace of God, we provide a safe learning environment,  free from discrimination, and full of the soldiers of the Lord.  Not only does every staff member of  NLBA take the necessary actions to prevent potentially dangerous situations, there is also trained, armed personnel on campus to ensure the safety of each and every student no matter what the threat.”

Some may think this school is doing the right thing — teaching kids and faculty to be prepared. However, are they just teaching children to be paranoid and afraid — and in the end, are they really prepared if a real-world situation were to strike? These kids are being taught to approach a person with a gun. They are literally being told to put their lives in danger. That’s not what schools should be teaching at all. It is terrifying that this school is not only doing this, but is allowed to do this, and it is ridiculously stupid and dangerous.

Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info