See If You Can Guess What Grade Level This Professional Analysis Gives To A Trump Speech

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It’s no secret that Donald Trump says some of the dumbest things imaginable. It’s also no secret that every time he says something idiotic, his poll numbers rise. Those of us who are sane, intelligent people can’t quite understand why. How can a man call an entire class of people rapists and still lead the Republican field for president? How can somebody stand at a podium and insult women the way he does without it being complete and immediate political suicide?

It turns out that the answer is simple:

Trump does well appealing to the uneducated base of modern Republican dimwits, because he speaks to them as just that. By using short, simple sentences, crass insults and a very basic vocabulary, Donald Trump is speaking to the neo-con dunce in the language of a fourth grader.

That isn’t speculation or a baseless insult– it’s a fact. The Boston Globe recently analyzed the speeches of 19 presidential candidates using an algorithm called the Flesch-Kincaid readability test. The objective of the test is to find out what level of education journalists are appealing to with their writing.

Different media genres demand different levels of education if a journalist is to appeal to the largest number of prospective readers, listeners or watchers. Politics should aim for somewhere between the 7th and 10th-grade level of comprehension to be as effective as possible.

Is Trump purposely aiming his barely-literate speeches at imbeciles on purpose or is it a clever ploy to pull in the dumbest of Americans? According to The Globe:

By every criteria in the algorithm, Trump is speaking at the lowest level. He used fewer characters per word in his announcement speech, fewer syllables per word, and his sentences were shorter than all other candidates.

His vocabulary is filled with words like “huge,” “terrible,” “beautiful.” He speaks in punchy bursts that lack nuance. It’s all easily grasped, whether it’s his campaign theme (“Make America Great Again”), words about his wealth (“I’m really rich”), or his disparagement of the Washington culture (“Politicians are all talk, no action”)

It’s either an interesting perspective into the shallow mind of an idiot or the brilliant strategy of a shrewd businessman. Considering his failed efforts at sounding intelligent long before his announcement and his role in the birther movement, my money is on shallow-minded idiot.

This nifty infographic shows the level each candidate speaks at. Democrats tend to be right in the area recommended, with Sanders appealing to a more educated crowd. Trump is at the bottom, with almost-as-idiotic Ben Carson right behind him. Surprisingly, Mike Huckabee speaks at the highest education level of all republicans, which is probably why he’s floundering in the polls.

Courtesy of The Boston globe


While proving that Donald Trump is a moron who appeals to the daft is hilarious, it makes his poll numbers all the more frightening.


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