Sweet Karma: Obama-Appointed Judge To Hear Suit Against Trey Gowdy And The Benghazi BS

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Trey Gowdy

In case you missed it, there was thing that happened called “Benghazi.” A bunch of people were a**holes  and because of it 4 Americans died. Since that tragic day, Republicans of the ilk of Trey Gowdy and Darrell Issa have used the deaths of those men as a political tool to keep a scandal open “involving” the president. They also attempted to discredit then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her inevitable presidential campaign.

It has been an all-out assault ever since, especially on Hillary Clinton, logic, and reason. Taxpayers are taking hit after hit for the costs of the “investigations” the Republicans are running as they look for “answers.” So far, every question that isn’t the subject of myth is the subject of emails Secretary Clinton herself turned over. While it was fun to watch her brush off the stupidity for eleven hours, in the end the committee didn’t care. They don’t operate on truth and there’s almost a year of smearing left before the general election, assuming Clinton is the Democratic nominee.

A month ago, Air Force Reserve major Brad Podliska alleged the Benghazi committee fired him based on his military obligations and his refusal to advance an agenda targeting Hillary Clinton. Podliska, a registered Republican and former, says Gowdy lied when he says he was a “terrible employee” who “mishandled classified information.”

The next step in the process is to assign the case a judge, and it looks like Gowdy won’t be getting any bias in his favor by a conservative judge. The Honorable Randolph Moss, appointed by the President and confirmed a year ago by a Democratic Senate, will be hearing the case against Gowdy. The horrific nature of everything Benghazi that Gowdy plays to the cameras and to the neocon base is gone. Allegations with no merit are out the window. You can’t just keep repeating someone’s name until someone memes it and move on.

Gowdy can seek protection as a member of Congress under the speech and debate clause, but Podliska’s attorneys feel confident that when the truth plays out in court that it will prevail. The truth is simple: A**holes attacked Benghazi. The CIA managed to rescue more than two dozen people by using good reflexes, performing admirably and timely. (No, you don’t hear about that often.) Four men, including the Ambassador to Libya, were lost. Secretary Clinton took responsibility, saying her State Department failed to provide adequate security. Major steps in securing our embassies and annexes have been taken since. It was a horrible day and we learned something.

Persecuting Hillary Clinton won’t change that. Brad Podliska is doing his country a service by exposing just how absolutely outrageous the Benghazi witch hunt is.


Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info