Tea Party Icon ‘Joe The Plumber’ Gets a UNION Job

By February 19, 2014



Samuel “Joe” Wurzelbacher – widely known as “Joe the Plumber” – announced today on his Facebook and his Web site that he is now working a union job with Chrysler Group LLC.

Wurzelbacher said, “I was just recently hired on at Chrysler.” While he’s a well-known conservative, “Joe” explained that he is not an enemy of private unions.

Wurzelbacher, 40, became known throughout the United States during the campaign for the 2008 presidential elections. ”Joe” became famous in 2008 when he confronted the then-Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama. He has since become a popular figure with Tea Party members on the right. 

“In order to work for Chrysler, you are required to join the Union,” Wurzelbacher explained, “In this case UAW. There’s no choice – it’s a union shop – the employees voted to have it that way and in America that’s the way it is.” 

“Yes, I have a website that puts out conservative news. Yes, I am part owner of a gun company,” Joe continued. “Yes, I’m a Republican who was cast into the limelight for having the temerity to confront Barack Obama on the question of redistributing wealth… But I’m a working man and I’m working.”

“I’ve always found a way to make my way, and now I’ve had the fortune of being hired by a great company – Chrysler Corporation – one of the original Big Three,” Wurzelbacher said.

“Private unions, such as the UAW, is a choice between employees and employers. If that is what they want then who am I to say you can’t have it?”


(Article by M.B. David)  Reprinted with permission from Political Blind Spot