Teabagger Rep. Chaffetz To Run For House Speaker, Claims He Can Unite The House

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With John Boehner’s resignation as Speaker of the House, comes all the speculation of who will replace him. Supposedly, the smart money is on House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), who replaced Eric Cantor as majority leader after Cantor lost his seat in a heartbreaking primary last year. Teabagger Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) has decided, however, that he’s going to give McCarthy a challenge, according to MSNBC. It seems that Rep. Peter King (R-NY) was right: Boehner’s resignation is a “victory for the crazies.”

Many people haven’t heard much of Jason Chaffetz, who chairs the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. He recently tried to throw a bunch of curve balls at Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards, while also intentionally backing her into a corner for the sole purpose of making the entire organization look bad.

That kind of gambit is nothing new for the Tea Party. What’s also nothing new for the Tea Party is power grabs – and Chaffetz could very well see Boehner’s departure as their chance to turn Congress into the far right nuthouse the Tea Party wants.

According to Fox News, Chaffetz believes he’s capable of uniting the Tea Party nuts with the more sane part of the GOP. He said:

“I’m offering myself as an alternative. I think I can bridge that divide.”

Yahoo! News reports that he went on to say:

“The American public wants to see a change. They want a fresh start. There’s a reason why we see this phenomenon across the country, and you don’t just give an automatic promotion to the existing leadership team. That doesn’t signal change.”

That’s the nonsense we keep hearing from the Tea Party. They know Americans want to see change, and think they’re the perfect instrument for that. There’s just one problem: The change they want isn’t the change that Americans want. The Tea Party is delusional enough, however, to believe that America is as insanely conservative as they are.

The teabagging wing of the GOP isn’t going to allow McCarthy to pull them into line any more than they allowed Boehner to do it. Chris Cilizza, of the Washington Post, believes that McCarthy will have an even more difficult time than Boehner. One reason is that Heritage Action, which carries a lot of influence over the Tea Party, says that Boehner’s departure means the voice of the American people is breaking through the nonsense in Washington. Now, the American people have a chance to get a true conservative in as Speaker.

Or is that ‘Murican people? Teabaggers tend to be ‘Muricans.


Cilizza also says that the hardliners in the House will continue their policy of opposing anything the leadership wants, because it works. The current leadership wants more compromise, and these people answer to constituents who think “compromise” and “selling out” are the same thing. That will quickly be as much of a problem for McCarthy as it was for Boehner.

It could be more if the man doesn’t learn how to keep his mouth shut on certain things. McCarthy all but told a national audience that all the hoopla surrounding Benghazi was basically a political ploy to bring down Hillary Clinton. Chaffetz, according to MSNBC’s piece, called McCarthy out on that as loudly as he could.

The idea that Chaffetz can unite the House is a laugh; the Tea Party doesn’t want to bridge the divide. They want to take over. Anybody who doesn’t fall in line will be primaried out of existence, like Eric Cantor. Or, at the very least, they’ll try to primary the more moderate Republicans out of existence.

No politician wants to face a tough primary challenge. The Tea Partiers know this. That’s why they make that threat.

Chaffetz believes he’s got a good chance. He says he was recruited, and that he didn’t decide for himself to do this. What we do not need is someone like Chaffetz leading the House, though.


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