Ted Cruz Tells His Fanatics To Put On Their ‘Armor Of God’ To Prepare To Fight For Him

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In an effort to prepare his supporters for the upcoming Republican primary, Ted Cruz urged them to put on their “armor of God” and not believe any bad things people say about him.

“I want to tell everyone to get ready, strap on the full armor of God, get ready for the attacks that are coming,” Cruz said according to the Washington Post.

Cruz leads in some Iowa polls over Donald Trump and has seen a rise in national polls despite the fact that his religious zealotry is a huge threat to our democracy and Constitution.

And that’s why he is telling his fanatics to cover their ears and refuse to believe or even consider any attacks made against him, even if they might be true.
“Unfortunately, there are a lot of folks in politics who are not constrained by what they view as quaint notions of the truth,” Cruz continued.

“They believe particularly as you get close to an election day, that they can just toss out any lie, any attack and the attack will do its damage before anyone discovers that it’s not true. So I want everyone here to get ready, because that is coming, and it’s coming with a ferocity none of us has ever seen.”

Cruz claims that establishment Republicans are trying to sabotage his campaign by telling lies about him. In reality, the only lies being told are the ones coming from Cruz’s own mouth.

Like when he was caught in a lie last month on live television during an appearance on Fox News while claiming that he didn’t want an immigration bill to pass in the Senate, which didn’t match up with previous statements he has made.

Or how about when Cruz was outed as a complete hypocrite on CNN when Dana Bash pointed out that he wouldn’t be running for president today had the United States not granted asylum to his father. In fact, he may not have ever existed since Cruz’s father would have likely been killed in Cuba if the United States government had succumbed to fears over Communism being spread by immigrants.

And then there’s the time Cruz claimed that Christians do not commit acts of terrorism, conveniently ignoring the KKK, anti-abortion lunatics, Timothy McVeigh and multiple mass shootings that have occurred in recent years.

Ted Cruz is basically treating his supporters like a cult leaders treat their followers. He is telling them to ignore what is said outside the campaign and is using religious rhetoric to gin them up into a frenzy. He wants them to believe that he is a divine leader sent by God to rule the country like a king, which is literally what an Iowa Republican actually does believe.

Facts and truth do not matter to Ted Cruz. He only wants people to believe what he tells them to believe. And if he does win, theocracy will replace our democracy as the Bible replaces our Constitution.


Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info