Ted Nugent on SC Teen: ‘Act Like an Animal and You Will End up Being Treated Like an Animal’

by Jen Hayden –

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According to the NRA’s most famous board member, the South Carolina teen who refused to give up her phone and was subsequently violently arrested, she’s nothing more than an animal. In a column for conspiracy heavy WND, Nugent spewed his hateful and racist views:

As the liberal denial freaks recoil in feigned horror at such “unnecessary” violent disruption by the good officer Fields, I am proud to stand with the many millions of Americans who know damn well she had it coming, and clearly long overdue at that.

The introverted kid who classmates say rarely talked “had it coming.” Never mind he knows nothing of this child, he went on:

By all accounts, the brat, like so many undisciplined brats before her, simply refused to obey the rules, refused to obey the teacher, refused to obey the principal and refused to obey officer Fields.By all these consistent indicators, how much do you want to bet she disobeyed her parents and every other authority figure her entire life, and got away with it?

Never mind the child was recently placed in foster care after her (guardian) grandmother passed away.

He went on to say nobody in his family would ever be arrested because they obey the law. He went on to compare the teenage girl to an animal:

Act like an animal and you will end up being treated like an animal.

Of course, racists have historically compared black people to animals. As a study at Stanford noted, there is a very direct historical connection to discrimination and dehumanizing African-Americans:

Crude historical depictions of African-Americans as ape-like may have disappeared from mainstream U.S. culture, but research presented in a new paper by psychologists at Stanford, Pennsylvania State University and the University of California-Berkeley reveals that many Americans subconsciously associate blacks with apes.In addition, the findings show that society is more likely to condone violence against black criminal suspects as a result of its broader inability to accept African-Americans as fully human, according to the researchers.

Emphasis added. The implication that African-Americans are not human has deep consequences:

According to the paper’s authors, this link has devastating consequences for African-Americans because it “alters visual perception and attention, and it increases endorsement of violence against black suspects.” For example, the paper’s sixth study showed that in hundreds of news stories from 1979 to 1999 in the Philadelphia Inquirer, African-Americans convicted of capital crimes were about four times more likely than whites convicted of capital crimes to be described with ape-relevant language, such as “barbaric,” “beast,” “brute,” “savage” and “wild.” “Those who are implicitly portrayed as more ape-like in these articles are more likely to be executed by the state than those who are not,” the researchers write.

Words matter. You can read more on the Stanford study here.


Reprinted with permission from Daily Kos