Teen Girl Suspended For Hilariously Realistic Answers On Sex-Ed Quiz

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For decades, conservatives have done everything in their power to keep our children as ignorant as possible about safe sex. The results? The rampant spread of sexually transmitted diseases and an explosion of teen pregnancies. Fortunately, not every teen has been left in the dark and one 14-year-old girl was brave enough to let her sex education instructor know that she REALLY knew what she was talking about in the form of some rather salty answers on a multiple choice quiz.

She got suspended for it but if you’re going to get suspended, you might as well do it in style.

As you can see in the image below, the quiz was a multiple choice matching type set up on the answers one could give when a potential sexual partner tries to refuse to have safer sex. Apparently, this teenager did not feel that the quiz conveyed the possible consequences in blunt enough terms, so she wrote in her own answers. Some of the best are as follows:

Question: “Don’t worry, I’m on the pill.”  Answer: “I don’t want AIDS.”

Question: “Condoms are gross; they’re messy, I hate them.” Answer: “So are babies!”

Question: “I don’t have a condom with me.” Answer: “I don’t have my vagina with me.”

The girl’s older sister uploaded a picture of the quiz and all of its brilliant answers to the photo-sharing site Imgur, and from there, it made the rounds on Reddit and other social media. Here is the image:

sex ed imgur

Now, as funny, and completely truthful, as this girl’s answers are, they got her suspended from school when she handed in the quiz. Some people might argue that she got suspended because she used profanity on a school assignment. I’d argue that the naive, puritanical, unrealistic ideas that many parents and teachers in conservative leaning towns and states have about teenagers and sex are more than likely what caused the suspension.

This girl told the truth about the risks of having sex, specifically unprotected sex. She knows more at 14 than many adults do. She also knows that people will try to trick her into giving her body up to them without protection, and she knows better than to fall for it.

To hear right wingers tell it, kids don’t need sex education. It should be banned from all middle school and high school health classes, only to be replaced with the “abstinence-only” narrative. They believe this, despite the fact that one of these “abstinence-only” high schools is currently suffering from a massive outbreak of chlamydia. What do these deluded parents think? All those kids got chlamydia from innocently holding hands outside their lockers between classes? I don’t think so.

Salty or not, these answers were on point. If the people in that school thought they were worthy of a suspension instead of an award, they are the ones with the problem. Then again, those who had a problem with her answers are probably the same ones who deny the fact that more teenage pregnancy, abortion, and STD infections happen in school districts who do not have comprehensive sex education programs. You know, the ones where the people in charge think that if you don’t let kids hear about sex or talk about sex, that they won’t have sex. Wonder where they think all those babies and STD’s are coming from, hmmmm? The stork? A toilet seat? In this case, ignorance is most definitely not bliss. Those adults who make those ridiculous abstinence only policies sure could stand to take a leaf out of this girl’s book. They might keep other kids her age from ruining their lives.


Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info