Texas Public School District Posts Pretend Quotes From Reagan, Washington and The Bible

When the United States of America was formed, the founders paid special attention to making sure “freedom” was front and center. This includes, but is most certainly not limited to, the freedom of and FROM religion. However, there seems to be a public school district in Texas that doesn’t like the fact that the nation wasn’t founded upon any religion, but rather the freedom to live as you choose, and has decided to just make sh*t up.

Mount Vernon Independent School District in Texas has not only placed quotes pertaining to religion and the Bible all over their schools (130 quotes), but they’ve also posted fake quotes that have been completely misattributed.

For instance, at one of the schools there is a quote supposedly from former President Ronald Reagan that reads:

“Within the covers of the Bible are the answers for all the problems men face.”

via FFRF

One slight problem — Reagan never said that. In fact, if you Google the quote, it doesn’t show up anywhere besides sites that debunk it.

Another quote claims President George Washington said:

“It is impossible to govern a nation without God and the Bible.”

Yet, if you go to MountVernon.org (yes, the same Mount Vernon the school district is named after) you’ll see that the people who are paid to know and understand anything and everything about George Washington will tell that quote is also make-believe.

One of the most amusing misattributions is a pretend Thomas Paine quote, who wasn’t even Christian, but rather a noted Deist who promoted reason and free thought. According to this school district, Paine said:

“Reputation is what men and women think of us, character is what God and angels know of us.”

One could actually envision a school board member bending over and pulling these “quotes” out their ass.

The district also quotes the “golden rule” from Jesus by attributing it to Mark 9:23 of the Bible. One small problem, that’s not the verse with the “golden rule.” The correct verse is Matthew 7:12. Neither one of those verses should ever be seen on the walls of a public school, but the least they could do is get the Bible they are so vociferously trying to get into the brains of developing minds quoted correctly.

Here are more examples of this school district promoting Christianity:

Here are ten crosses behind a Kindergarten Teacher's desk.

Bible verses for teachers that a Spanish teacher has on her wall.

A T-Shirt for sale that is replaces the 'T' with the Christian cross for sale at Mount Vernon Elementary

The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) is working tirelessly to have these obvious violations of the Establishment Clause of the United States Constitution removed.

In a letter from FFRF’s attorney to the superintendent of the Mount Vernon Independent School District, it says:

“Beyond being illegal, displaying religious quotes is simply unnecessary and divisive. There are plenty of positive, educational, historically accurate quotes for the district to choose from. By promoting religious and Christian quotes on school property, MVISD does a disservice to the nearly 30% of Americans who are non-Christian, either practicing a minority religious or no religion at all.

We ask that all quotes that endorse religion be removed…”

The school district is clearly trying to promote Christianity to all of their students. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with being Christian, have at it, but it is not to be taught in a public school setting. It can be, however, be taught at home, in church, or at a private Christian school.

This insistence that the United States is a Christian nation is utterly incorrect and just a lie perpetuated to indoctrinate and legislate via Christian beliefs. It is no better or worse than Sharia Law. Both of which are illegal to implement in this nation.

Freedom of religion is not a hard concept to understand. You are free to do as you choose on your own time as long as you aren’t harming anyone, but there is to be no national religion perpetrated on all citizens.

Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info