That Darned Russia Thing Again… Growing Pressure for Trump’s Tax Returns

by GraciesMom –

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Just when I think that maybe this story really is going to die down, along comes several major news outlets or pundits expressing concerns about the secret tax returns of Donald Trump.  Most telling is that the renew interest in tax returns is coming from conservatives as well as progressives. Who knows if they really will prove or disprove connections to Russian oligarchs?  Given how much he owes these Russian financiers, likely to have some smoke in that dumpster!

Thus, the pressure is once again building for Trump to release the tax returns to show one way or the other that he is not that closely tied to Russian money.

First up, George Will (who left the GOP dramatically a few weeks ago) telling Fox News that:

Fox News contributor George Will says GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump will not release his tax returns because they may show “he is deeply involved in dealing with Russia oligarchs.”  

“Well, it’s the sort of thing we might learn if we saw the candidate’s tax returns,” Will responded. “Perhaps one more reason why we’re not seeing his tax returns — because he is deeply involved in dealing with Russian oligarchs and others. Whether that’s good, bad or indifferent, it’s probably the reasonable surmise.”

Okay then.  On to David Fallows at the The Atlantic:

These new developments underscore the importance of an old, familiar point: now, more than ever, Donald Trump must release his tax returns. To put it differently, the press should no longer “normalize” his stonewalling on this issue.

The Atlantic quotes a veteran in the defense world and political affairs (not named):

In normal times, this [the Russian hacking] would be the lead on all network news. But these are not normal times.

I am having trouble getting through to some people that this is a real thing. The very people who always say “follow the money” with regard to the Pentagon [or other boondoggle bureaucracies] don’t see that (a) Trump has been kept afloat for about 15 years by Russian oligarchs; and (b) Russia has a powerful incentive to see a US president who will end economic sanctions.…

Then, we have Bill Kristol, Weekly Standard, who despises Trump, but another conservative very concerned about what the tax returns of Trump might show:

If Trump and Manafort don’t act to allay these concerns by releasing their tax returns (or in other ways), wouldn’t it be advisable for a Republican member of Congress to lead an urgent investigation into whether Putin is interfering in the current American election? Trump and Manafort may be Putin’s chumps. Will other Republicans sit by as the whole Republican party becomes Putin’s party?

Any pressure to release his tax returns, including conservative voices, is a great opportunity to showcase the hypocrisy and potential dangers of the GOP nominee.


Reprinted with permission from Daily Kos