The CIA’s ‘Bin Laden Demon’ Action Figure Toy


By MBD, Political Blind Spot

The CIA would openly admit to deploying drones, satellites, spies, informants and tracking devices in their efforts to thwart Bin Laden. But one thing we might not have expected them to deploy is action figures.

Nevertheless, starting back in around 2005, the CIA began secretly developing a ­custom-made Osama bin Laden ­action figure. Those familiar with the toy project say that the face of the figure was painted with a heat-dissolving material, which was designed to peel off to reveal a red-faced bin Laden who looked like a demon or “jinni”… at least how the CIA imagined them.

The jinni Bin Laden had piercing green eyes and black facial markings, akin to Darth Maul from Star Wars, Episode 1.

The bin Laden figure project was code-named “Devil Eyes.” Those associated with the project spoke on the condition of anonymity and said that they were not authorized to discuss the project publicly.

We do know, however, that the toy maker was Donald Levine, a former Hasbro executive who created the popular G.I. Joe toys.

Levine died from cancer last month at age 86. His family said in a statement about his involvement in the CIA project that: “Don Levine was a dedicated Patriot, and proud Korean War veteran. When called on, he was honored to assist our country.”

The CIA has not disputed claims about the toys, but has said that the project was scrapped prematurely.

“To our knowledge, there were only three individual action figures ever created, and these were merely to show what a final product might look like,” CIA spokesman Ryan Trapani emphasized. “After being presented with these examples, the CIA declined to pursue this idea and did not produce or distribute any of these action figures. Furthermore, CIA has no knowledge of these action figures being produced or distributed by others.”

Although the CIA claims that it did not to move forward with the operation, the agency has retained at least one of the figures.

Reprinted with permission from Political Blind Spot.