The Clinton Foundation Shows Off The Goods—And Wow, Are They Good

 by Mark Sumner –


While the Donald J Trump Foundation is daily melting down into a quagmire of political payoffs, illegal transactions, and astonishing acts of greed, the Clinton Foundation has been doing it’s paperwork.

… as questions swirl about Trump’s own Foundation, thanks to a series of investigative articles in The Washington Post that reveal Trump uses almost none of his own money to make donations, the Initiative’s annual meeting is an apt time for the Clintons to show off just how much good their Foundation has actually done.

And boy, did Bill bring the receipts. …

3,600: That’s how many public commitments the Initiative’s attendees have made on stage over the last 12 years.

435 million: That’s how many people those commitments have helped.

52 million: That’s how many children have received access to education as a result of those commitments.

114 million: That’s how many people can drink clean water because of the Initiative.

The list goes on.

Donald Trump’s foundation has one real beneficiary: Trump. He uses the foundation to pull in cash and spend it as he likes, and the small amount that actually reaches genuine charities is often used to lure events to Trump venues or earn cheap publicity for Trump.

The Clinton Foundation is the real thing, with real numbers that are going to be hard to deny.

…. in 2014, the Initiative partnered with the data-mining company Palantir, which was founded by noted Trump backer (and all around swell guy) Peter Thiel, to track progress on its first decade of commitments.

The study found that nearly 82 percent of the pledges made at CGI—which run the gamut from healthcare initiatives to education projects to data collection efforts—were either completed or underway. And of the ones that were completed, more than two-thirds had either hit or exceeded the number of people they set out to help. That may sound dry, but it’s important, given how difficult it is for non-profit organizations to track the long tail of their impact.

The Clinton Foundation has been open, effective, and put an unprecedented effort into demonstrating results. That Trump continues to call the Clinton Foundation

“the most corrupt enterprise in political history”

is itself one of the greatest scandals of this campaign. One that’s been helped along by the willingness of the media to overlook any action on Trump’s part and assume scandal from the Clintons.

Want to know more about Magic Bus, winners of the 2016 Hult Prize who are standing up with President Bill Clinton? Watch their video. It’s fascinating.


Reprinted with permission from Daily Kos