The Other NRA

When you’re as powerful as the National Restaurant Association, you set the industry’s wage and just about everything else

By Saru Jayaraman, Truthout | Op-Ed –

national restaurant association

The powerful National Restaurant Association does all it can to assure that industry wages are kept so low many workers rely on public assistance and that paid sick leave  – along with taxes – are avoided, making employees go hungry and customers sick.

McDonald’s, Olive Garden and Burger King are just some of the corporations ruining our economy with poverty wages and business practices that make employees go hungry and make customers sick. Along with virtually all the major restaurant corporations out there, they belong to one of the most powerful lobbies in the country: the National Restaurant Association.

Members of the National Restaurant Association’s (NRA) are titans of our fast-food nation: perpetuating climate change and pollution by sourcing huge amounts of factory-raised animals, slinging increasingly unhealthy food and fighting our right to know about what’s in the food we’re eating. The “other NRA” has lobbied for years against menu-labeling initiatives, until ultimately stripping states of their right to enact such laws. Other public-health policies the NRA has vigorously opposed include soda taxes, trans-fat bans, and lowering sodium levels, which are sky-high in most big chain restaurants. Just as some restaurants are starting to respond to consumer demand for ethically raised animals, the National Restaurant Association tasked its public relations gun-for-hire Rick Berman to mock restaurants that have pledged to source humanely raised pigs, even defending the use of gestation crates by “setting the facts straight” at

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