The Religious Right Are Without Principle

by Brianm1968ca –

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After living my first 23 years as a Christian, either by proxy or by proclamation, I left the church. I  had spent my childhood and youth going to church (on average) about 3 times a week.  Once I left home to support myself and get married, I decided that religion was not for me.

But this isn’t about me.

I am stating this only for context. Although I am not a Christian, I still live my life by a set of rules:

  • Don’t kill others
  • Don’t do things to hurt other people
  • Treat other people as you would want them to treat you
  • Help others who are in need when you can

These rules are pretty standard for most peace-loving people.  You don’t need a PhD in Theology to learn and adopt these rules, or even Jesus in your heart.  You may have learned these on Sesame Street.

With 23 or so years of religious doctrine, I have learned a lot about the bible, its teaching of Jesus Christ and the things that Christians hear from their ministers every Sunday, so when I see the likes of Kenneth Copeland, Dr. James Dobson, Jerry Falwell Jr, Jack Graham and other “Religious Leaders” rallying around the most deplorable Presidential candidate in the history of the United States, it shows me that there is no longer any principle within the organizations they lead.

Trump has shown no indication in word or deed that he is any kind of Christian.  He has mocked the handicapped, he has kicked others less fortunate when they were down.  He calls out immigrants, calling them murderers and rapists.  He has stolen from his business partners. He has done these things and more, without showing any knowledge of an understanding of Christianity, The Bible, religious doctrine or any understanding of common decadency. He has done these things without remorse.

One of the most important stories to me in the bible growing up was the parable of  The Good Samaritan;  a story of a man who did a good deed for a poor man who needed a hand up.  When I hear the sound bites of Evangelical leaders in the US, I hear about a vengeful God, fire and brimstone, lots of reference to an Old Testament God, with no forgiveness for “the crimes of a godless society”.  There never seems to be any stories of caring for your fellow man and loving your enemies; all the things that Jesus Christ was known to teach throughout his life.  This is bad enough, but when Mr. “Two Corinthians” professes to be a Christian and cannot utter a verse or passage from the bible, who is he fooling?  At least the wolf was smart enough to wear sheep’s clothing.  Why can a former Christian see all that is wrong and immoral about Donald Trump, yet Evangelicals rally around him as their champion?  Are They Fooled by his half measured charade?

Or do they just not care? If so, what’s in it for Christians?

Clearly, Trump is a secular, greedy, self-proclaimed “billionaire”.  Before his campaign began, he was pro-abortion; the Achilles heel of the right.  The dog whistle that rallies the base, come hell or high water.  What makes them think he will do anything he promises in his stump speeches?  Past deeds would suggest that he never does what he says, so how do you brandish a sword you cannot wield?

Why Christians continue to vote against their own best interest, time and time again will always be a mystery to me.  Democratic policies protect the poor, look out for the average American and try to level the playing field.  Aren’t these the basic tenets of Jesus?   How does the GOP hold this power over Christians, even when their leader appears to be as much a Christian as Richard Dawkins?

To allow Donald Trump’s supporters to get what they are asking for would be “just desserts” for them, but the price would be far too much for the rest of the world to pay.

In the tongue-in-cheek words of this agnostic;  If he does win in November, “God Help Us All!”


Reprinted with permission from Daily Kos