The Song of Autism

This is a poem that was submitted to me by William’s mother, our dear friend here at all-len-all, thinkingwomanmillstone.  It is a wonderful piece that deserves to be read by each and every one of us. 

Thank you for allowing me to publish this poem,  thinkingwomanmillstone, and thank you, William, for penning it.

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The Song of Autism


When I was a little bitty boy, way up off the

floor. I could hardly speak at all. I was sent to

a school, the incorrect tool. I do very clearly

recall, that I didn’t like it at all. One year

later, in March of ninety-four, my mom found

the school for me. It was a school for children

with disabilities. The school was a lot smaller

then. Oh, hasn’t it changed? I recall then,

meeting new friends there didn’t seem

strange. Here’s how!


My autism came alive. I was born with it I had

sworn. I remember the past very clearly. I see

pictures very well and remember the events

that happened for many years since I was

little. When I was little, I couldn’t speak at

all. It took me years to talk and to get tall. I

met in my second class. A kid with autism. He

had behavior issues and language issues. Just

like me when I was little. I also know a

member of a team that I join. He had autism

with language problems. Just like me when I

was little.


When I reached the age of 8, my mom signed

me up for Special Olympics. I started to meet

new friends. Of course, I was nervous and

wasn’t as good at most of my sporting events.

It took me years to gain talent to play sports

so very well. But now, I’m a great athlete. I

went to Lincoln, Nebraska. I play the goal

tender in soccer. I allowed 2 goals in 5 games.

We, TEAM NEW JERSEY, won the bronze out of

the entire country.


Look at the things that I could do now. I can

talk, sing, whistle, play sports, play

instruments, look up information, read, be

independent, and help out. I even work at the

print shop. I also work at the

hospital in ___________, New Jersey. I make

cold hard cash for the work I do at those 2

places. I’m graduating this year and making

new friends. You know that I’m still going to

learn and become more independent. You

know what? I’ll explore the place wherever I’ll

be. But I still have some autism.