The Sunday Funnies and Factoids

Front_page_bobWelcome back to the latest installment of my Sunday funnies and factoids.  One week before the Super Bowl, most of the continent in a deep freeze of experiencing some kind of other nasty weather event, awaiting the Sunday talking heads and all they offer up, I present to  you  some tantalizing nuggets that I am sure most of you had no idea even existed.  Do enjoy. 

1) Only sparkling white wine that comes from the Champagne region of France, in the northeastern part of the country, can be called champagne.  And that’s not a suggestion: in Europe, it’s the law.  In fact, France’s ownership of the word was actually reaffirmed in 1919’s Treaty of Versailles.  But here’s the loophole: Because the United States never ratified the Treaty of Versailles, it became perfectly legal to call American sparkling wine “champagne.”

2) Three men served as president of the U.S. in 1841: William Henry Harrison, John Tyler, and Martin Van Buren.

3) When removing the American flag after an event, the proper term is to “Retrieve the Colors,” which is commonly mistaken for “Retire the Colors.” To “Retire the Colors” is to destroy/bury an American flag due to excessive wear or damage. 

4) In 2000, a New Jersey man admitted he’d opened 2,417 accounts using 16 PO boxes to fleece Columbia House and BMG out of 26,554 CDs.  Dammmmm, I thought Columbia House only 9 CDs that anyone would ever want to listen to anyway.  What was this guy thinking?

5) Poet and pre-Raphaelite painter Dante Gabriel Rosetti loved his wife, Elizabeth. How much did he love his wife, you ask? Well, after she died of a laudanum overdose in 1862, he buried her with the only existing copy of his unpublished poems. However, seven years later Rosetti found himself suffering from a really bad case of writer’s block, so he dug up her body and retrieved his poems. They were published in 1870 and were well received by critics, but he never forgave himself for pilfering them from her grave.  When they told Rosetti that his poems were beyond funky….they weren’t kidding.

6) Mapmakers will often place a tiny piece of incorrect information in their maps to prevent illegal reproduction of their work. Called a “copyright trap,” the fake text might be a bogus street name or even the mapmakers’ initials hidden in the corner of a city park.

7) David Bleak, an American soldier serving during the Korean War, was given the Medal of Honor for killing a total of 5 Chinese soldiers, 4 with his bare hands.  He did this after being shot and while giving medical aid to his comrades.  Okay, show of hands here…… there one person among us who believes a word of this?

8) In an 80 year study with a subject pool of some 200,000 ostriches, not a single one was ever reported to bury its head in the sand, or even came close to even doing so.  Sheeeeeesh, I’ve been misinformed for all of these years.

And to leave you with a groaner that I just couldn’t resist,

9) Q:  Did you hear Lorena Bobbitt was almost killed in a traffic accident?

A:  Some dick cut her off.

Have a great Sunday, one and all and stay safe and warm this week.  See you next time, and thanks for stopping by…..much appreciated.