The Sunday Funnies & Factoids

by Keith Lennox, All-len-All, 08/02/15 –

Happy Sunday…. Happy August.  I hope you are all having a wonderful day/weekend thus far.  Perfect weather up here north of the 49th.  So much so that I will hit the deck with my coffee and bagel and cream cheese immediately and just let you get to the factoids and chuckles.


1) In 2001, Pope John Paul II entered and prayed in a mosque and even kissed the Qur’an to improve relations with Islam.

balls exam2) 359 years after the Catholic Church forced Galileo Galilei to recant his theory that the Earth moves around the Sun, it declared he was right in 1992.

3) GPS is owned and controlled by the U.S.Government. It can be ‘switched off’ at any time.

4) Drug lord Pablo Escobar had a prison built to his specifications and to choose his own guards. It featured a soccer field, a giant doll house, a bar, jacuzzi, and a waterfall.

one armed man5) Over 1,000,000 Euros are thrown into the Trevi fountain in Rome, Italy every year. The money is used to subsidize a supermarket for the needy.

6) Due to wasabi’s high cost, most of the ‘wasabi’ people eat is actually a mixture of horseradish, mustard, starch and green food coloring

7) The burnt remains of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun were destroyed in 1970 by order of KGB head Yuri Andropov except for a few fragments of bone and skull, which were rediscovered in 1993. In 2009, DNA testing by University of Connecticut on the fragments confirmed they didn’t belong to Hitler or Braun.

8) Coffee loses caffeine as it is roasted, so a dark, “bold” cup of coffee actually has less caffeine than a lighter roast.

bed my side her side9) In 1859, English settler Thomas Austin released only 24 rabbits onto his property in Australia, stating “The introduction of a few rabbits could do little harm and might provide a touch of home, in addition to a spot of hunting.” By the 1920’s the population of rabbits in Australia reached 10 billion.

10) The Voyager missions were timed to take advantage of a unique planetary arrangement that allowed flight time to Neptune to be reduced from 30 years to 12. This alignment occurs once every 175 years.

11) Clint Eastwood booted Phillip Kaufamn as director of The Outlaw Josey Wales (1976) and assumed the job himself. In response, the Directors Guild of America created the Eastwood Rule that prohibits an actor or producer from firing the director and then becoming the director himself.

washing tag instructions12)  Mr. Rogers’ parents adopted an African-American teenager named George. Rogers came to consider George his older brother, and George later became an instructor for the Tuskegee Airmen of World War II and also taught Rogers how to fly.

13) Pumpkins, watermelons, avocados, and bananas are all berries while strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries are not.

14) The highest temperature ever recorded in Canada, 45.0°C, is higher than any temperature ever recorded in either Brazil or Thailand.

chill pill15) In 2013, a man in Michigan whose house was slated for demolition switched the house numbers with his neighbor so the crew demolished the wrong house. Regardless, the man’s plan didn’t work for long. Crews returned later to actually tear down the right one.

16) E.T., Blade Runner, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn, Poltergeist, and The Thing were all released on the same month and competed with each other at the box office.

17) James Joyce’s grandson, Stephen Joyce, as an executor of his grandfather’s estate sued anybody who attempted to write about, quote, recite, display, or perform any of James Joyce’s work or personal effects and effectively halted any scholarly research on any of James Joyce’s work for decades.

18)  The average U.S. wedding now costs $31,213 (excluding the honeymoon).

free beer19)  George Foreman was collecting 40% of the profits on each grill sold (earning him $4.5 million a month in payouts at its peak) until they paid him $137 million to buy the rights to use his name.

20) The world’s largest swimming pool is in Chile. It’s 1,013 m (3,323 ft) long and contains some 250 million litres (66 million US gallons) of seawater.

21) The Nile Crocodile can hold its breath underwater for up to 2 hours while waiting for prey.

22) In 1967, the Nigerian Civil War ground to a halt for two days because both sides wanted to watch soccer player Pele in an exhibition match.

joined a gym23) When scientist Niels Bohr won the Nobel Prize in 1922, the Carlsberg brewery gave him a perpetual supply of beer piped into his house.

24) German chocolate cake isn’t German. It’s named for Sam German, an American baker.

25) Mark Twain called The Book of Mormon “Chloroform in Print”.


Yowzah… that’s it for today…… hope you learned something absolutely useless.  Have a great rest of your Sunday and come back next week for a trivia top up.

Until then, stay safe and happy.






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