The Sunday Funnies & Factoids

by Keith Lennox, All-len-All –

Happy Sunday everyone and Happy Memorial Day weekend to my friends south of the 49th, or as we call it up here ‘You Lucky Bastages Day’ weekend.  Just kidding… not envious at all….. grrrr…. grumble.  Enjoy not working on Monday… grilling on the BBQ, drinking beer, frivolity…. that’s okay, we don’t really like doing any of that up here…. we’re not bitter…. not a bit of it…… not even a little…. nope, not bitter at all.  Well, now that I have cleared that up, it’s on with this weeks installment of the Sunday Funnies and Factoids….. so do enjoy them with your grilled fare and favorite beverage…. not the least bit envious, just so you know.

1) Spitting in public was socially acceptable in China for five millennia, but due to fears over the spread of SARS in 2003, it has become punishable by fine (and even possible eviction) in several major cities.

2) The 3 Musketeers bar was originally split into three pieces with three different flavors: vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. When the other flavors became harder to come by during WWII, 3 Musketeers went all chocolate.

3) Before joining the NBA, Wilt Chamberlain played one season for the Harlem Globetrotters. He was the first member of the team to have his jersey (#13) retired.

4) Syd Barrett got the name Pink Floyd from two American blues musicians, Pink Anderson and Floyd Council.

5) Only 17 existing paintings are attributed to famed artist Leonardo da Vinci.

6) 11 hidden messages in company logos:


When Wendy’s redesigned its logo in 2013, the company insisted the word “MOM” in the collar was unintentional. But plenty of other logos contain messages that were very much intended. Here are some examples, some more obvious than others.


The classic! As Matthew May said in The Laws of Subtraction, “Nearly every design school professor and graphic designer with a blog has at some point focused on the FedEx logo to discuss the use of negative space.” I recently pointed out the arrow to my five-year-old daughter and blew her mind.


There’s a Facebook group called Best Day of My Life: When I Realized the Brewers Logo Was a Ball and Glove AND the Letters M and B. If for you that day is today, this must be very exciting. Soak it up.


Look! There’s a bear in the mountain! There’s also something hidden in the candy’s name: Toblerone is a portmanteau of its creator’s name, Theodor Tobler, and “torrone,” an Italian word for a type of nougat.


It’s a tree! And a lion! And a gorilla! And now it’s no longer hidden.


The ‘R’ is a cyclist.


As David Vik says in The Culture Secret, “That’s a subtle reminder to employees and customers alike that Amazon has everything from A to Z.”


See that “31,” for the “31 flavors”? Yeah. In case it comes up, Burt Baskin and Irv Robbins were brothers-in-law.


Two Ts sharing salsa! The logo has changed slightly, but that element remains.


The Big Ten likes adding extras into logos. Notice the ’11’ in the previous logo on the bottom, back when 11 schools were involved. When Nebraska joined, the subtle 11 had to go. The conference explained exactly what it was doing: “[The logo’s] contemporary collegiate lettering includes an embedded numeral ’10’ in the word ‘BIG,’ which allows fans to see ‘BIG’ and ’10’ in a single word.”


The pharmaceutical company’s logo is made up of a capsule and two pills. In a very scientific poll of the two people next to me, 50% were surprised, while the other 50% said that’s the only thing that logo could possibly be.


The coffee chain refreshed its logo in 2010, and the caribou’s body is now made of coffee beans. But that’s not the only change. “While the Caribou in the previous logo was leaping left,” the company said, “the caribou now leaps right, signifying the direction the company is heading.” You probably picked up on that already.

7) The lowest batting average to win a batting title was .301 by Carl Yastrzemski in 1968.

8) In 2009, researchers at Newcastle University’s Centre for Life said that eating a bacon sandwich can help cure a hangover.  YESSSSS !!!!

9) Pamela Anderson Lee is Canada’s Centennial Baby, recognized as being the first baby born on the centennial anniversary of Canada’s confederation as a nation.  Yaaaaawwwwwwn….. sorry.

10) A newlywed couple moves into their new house. One day the husband comes home from work and his wife says, “Honey, you know, in the upstairs bathroom one of the pipes is leaking, could you fix it?” The husband says, “What do I look like, Mr. Plumber?”

A few days go by, and he comes home from work and his wife says, “Honey, the car won’t start. I think it needs a new battery. Could you change it for me?” He says: “What do I look like, Mr. Goodwrench?”

Another few days go by, and it’s raining pretty hard. The wife finds a leak in the roof. She says, “Honey, there’s a leak on the roof! Can you please fix it?” He says, “What do I look like, Bob Vila?”

The next day the husband comes home, and the roof is fixed. So is the plumbing. So is the car. He asks his wife what happened. “Oh, I had a handyman come in and fix them,” she says. “Great! How much is that going to cost me?” he snarls. Wife says: “Nothing. He said he’d do it for free if I either baked him a cake or slept with him.” “Uh, well, what kind of cake did you make?” asks the husband. “What do I look like,” she says, “Betty Crocker?”

11) A guy is sitting at home when he hears a knock at the door. He opens the door and sees a snail on the porch. He picks up the snail and throws it as far as he can.

Three years later, there’s a knock on the door. He opens it and sees the same snail. The snail says “What the fuck was that all about?”


Thanks for stopping by and have a great holiday Monday and a safe and happy week.  Please, if you get a chance this week…. pay it forward to someone who could use a small kindness.




source: Mental Floss

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