The Sunday Funnies & Factoids – The ‘Hug Your Mom Today’ Edition

by Keith Lennox, All-len-All, 05/10/15 –

Happy Sunday….. I’m on the fly today so I will just take the time to wish all the moms out there a happy kick back and put your feet back kinda’ day….. Happy Mother’s Day, ladies.

Without further ado…… on with the factoids…….


1) Hallucinatory ‘voices’ seem to be shaped by local culture. In the U.S. , the voices are harsh and threatening while those heard by schizophrenics in Africa and India tend to be more benign and playful.

ikea cat2) There’s a zipline connecting Spain and Portugal. It’s 2,365 ft. long and takes 60 seconds to traverse.

3) The logo of the Royal New Zealand Air Force is the Kiwi, a flightless bird.

4) The primary founder and the first Prime Minister of Israel, David Ben-Gurion, was an atheist.

5) Vladimir The Great, Prince of Kiev, considered converting to Christianity or Islam. He sent envoys to study both religions, but upon hearing that Islam forbade alcohol, he got baptized.

6) In 1990, Belgium’s government suspended its King from power for one day so that a law legalizing abortion could be passed without him, a Catholic, having to sign it.

i don't always weigh myself7) A British prisoner of war, captured by the Germans in WWI, was freed to see his dying mother, then went back to the prison camp because he gave the Kaiser ‘his word’ he would return.

8) Dogs are as smart as a 2-year-old baby. They can learn and understand over 150 words…… and most are smarter than half of the youth that I have had the misfortune of meeting….

9) The U.S. has 19 aircraft carriers, compared to the rest of the world’s 12 aircraft carriers combined.

10) New York’s area code is 212 because it was the fastest number to dial on a rotary phone.

11) Both ancient Egyptian and Greek medicine recognized obesity as a medical disorder.

mcdonalds sign12) The birthrate for twins has increased 76% since 1980.

13) Winds in some places of Antarctica can reach 200 mph (320 km/h).

14) A dog’s nose is the equivalent of a human fingerprint: each has a unique pattern.

15) Prostitutes in Spain have to wear reflective vests, like highway workers, to reduce accidents…… begs the question, do they do very little, where a white safety hat and expect to get paid handsomely?……

16) The World’s Loneliest ATM Is in Antarctica

Despite the frigid temperatures, ornery elephant seals, and months of perpetual darkness, Antarctica is still a place where money matters. That’s where Wells Fargo comes in.

i did the math dogThe banking conglomerate installed an automatic teller machine (ATM) back in 1998 at McMurdo Station, the science hub on the continent. Depending on the season, McMurdo’s population ranges from 250 to more than 1000. And like any small community, commerce is crucial. In order to patronize the coffee shops, general stores, bars, or post office, money is exchanged in what amounts to a closed economy. Some places only accept cash; others have a credit card minimum that’s hard to meet when you need just a couple of items.

But what happens if there’s a malfunction at a time when flights in and out are scarce due to weather conditions?

According to Wells Fargo spokesperson Kristopher Dahl, the company trains McMurdo staff to make simple repairs; more importantly, there’s a second ATM that can be cannibalized for parts. “Every two years, both machines are serviced and brought up to speed on the latest technology,” he says. The vendors chosen for that job undergo a psychological exam and a physical to make sure they’re equipped to deal with the Antarctic climate in case they get held over.

While McMurdo is near New Zealand territory, the ATM only dispenses American currency. (Staffers can exchange money at Scott Base, which is about two miles away.) There is no such thing as the Antarctic dollar, though the Antarctica Overseas Exchange Office does produce “collectible” bills they’ll buy or sell for their face value until the faux-money expires.

Naturally, we wondered what the consequences would be if someone lost their mind and had the financial resources to max out their daily withdrawal limit until they depleted the ATM of its cash reserves, ruining the economy of an entire continent.

“That’s interesting,” Dahl says. “For security reasons, we can’t share how much cash is in the machine or other related information.” Anyone planning any type of foul play should take note: Dahl says that there’s a camera in the unit.

17) To tell identical twins apart, look at their belly buttons. It’s the one thing that’s not caused by genetics.

brian williams orioles game18) The U.S. Army admitted it secretly dumped 64 million pounds of nerve and mustard gas agents into the ocean from 1944 to 1970, along with 400,000 chemical-filled bombs and more than 500 tons of radioactive waste.

19) 100% of the earth’s ocean floor has been mapped to a maximum resolution of around 5km.

20) According to the Bible, David was offered the King’s daughter if he came back with 100 foreskins of slain enemies. He came back with 200…… dammmm, what a charmer…..

21) In Ancient Rome, the punishment for killing one’s father was the death penalty, consisting of being sewn up in a sack along with a viper, a dog, and a cock…… they mean a rooster, right ?…….


That’s it for this week, boys and girls.  Hoped you learned a little sumpin sumpin by stopping by.  Have a great day and rest of the week…. stay happy and healthy and I’ll see you in a week hence.






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