The Sunday Funnies & Factoids – The ‘Summer is but a Week Away’ Edition

by Keith Lennox, All-len-All, 06/14/15 –

Happy day, one and all.  Thanks for stopping by for your weekly brain jolt.  I am in a very rushed state today so I won’t bore you with my usual idle chit-chat.  So, please, enjoy the trivia tidbits below… I hope you learn something you didn’t know before.

Have a great day, and thank you for coming by….. makes all the effort more than worth while.


canadian riot1) After John F. Kennedy’s WWII PT boat was sunk, he wrote a message on a coconut asking for help. It worked. Kennedy kept the coconut and it became a Presidential paperweight

2) Actor Sean Bean has died in 32% of his movies, the highest percentage of any living actor of note.

3) The ruins of Pompeii are so well-preserved that you can still read graffiti from the period.

4) In 2008, Norway donated US$1 billion to help save the Amazon rainforest.

5) Alexander the Great had heterochromia iridum: one of his eyes was blue and the other was brown.

6) East and West Germany still look different from space because of the different types of street lamps used.

7) Benjamin Franklin wasn’t trusted to write the Declaration of Independence as it was feared he would put a joke in it.

cat brokrn lamp8) Freddie Mercury wrote”Crazy Little Thing Called Love” in 10 minutes as a tribute to Elvis Presley.

9) The Harry Potter series were the most banned books of the century in the U.S.

10) The city of New York will pay for a one-way plane ticket for any homeless person if they have a guaranteed place to stay elsewhere.

11) Usain Bolt ate 100 Chicken McNuggets per day for 10 days before winning 3 Gold Medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

12) There are more tigers privately owned by U.S. citizens than in the wild worldwide.

13) Some people are allergic to Wi-Fi. It’s a condition called Electromagnetic Sensitivity.

harry potter backwards14) In many mammals, goose bumps occur when facing a threat. We humans can get goose bumps when we experience awe.

15) In California and 3 other U.S. states, “Ladies’ Night” are against the law because they are gender discrimination….. yes, because we all know how awful it is having women around who have access to cheap booze…. hell no….. snort…..

16) In 1972, Nick Nolte was the cover model on the packaging of Clairol’s Summer Blonde hair lightener.

raccoon cat17) About one in every 4 million lobsters is born with a rare genetic defect that turns it blue.

18) The city of Neuquén in southwestern Argentina must have been a rather terrifying place to live 90 million years ago. Within an hour’s drive of Neuquén lie three important paleontological sites, each home to record-breaking finds including Argentinosaurus huinculensis, considered the world’s largest dinosaur (coming in at 130 feet long and 60 feet tall), Giganotosaurus carolinii, thought to be the world’s largest carnivorous dinosaur (46 feet long), and fossilized footprints so large that locals once used them as community barbeque pits.

19) In 1941, the U.S. government banned silk stockings. Why? Japan cut off America’s silk supply during World War II, and the government decided that producing silk parachutes for American pilots took precedence over women’s fashion needs.

20) In target mom1728, the philosopher Voltaire got rich by outsmarting the lottery. When the French government accidentally created a raffle where the prize money was significantly larger than the cost of all the tickets combined, Voltaire and his friend formed a syndicate, bought all the tickets, and won.

21) Bill Gates’ Foundation spends more on global health each year than the World Health Organization of the United Nations does.

22) 65% of smartphone users download zero apps per month.

23) California has built 23 prisons since 1980. In the same period, the University of California system has opened just one new campus.

lemur redbull


Well, that’s my schtick for this Sunday…. have a great day and a wonderful upcoming week, one and all.  See you all next Sunday same time, same website.