The Ultimate Sign That Trump is in Full-On Desperation Meltdown Mode

by nailbender –

So a few days ago I posted a story on this site when Trump made a dizzying — even given his legendary flip-foppery —  180 degree positional-about-face: after his AHCA  Debacle (which, in itself, made some kind of early-Presidential-term record for massive, self-induced failure) he immediately and bewilderingly placed the blame for his legislative catastrophe on the Democrats…for somehow, apparently, scuttling a bill that not even the bluest dog among them would have voted for; but then very next day he drops all mention of the Dems as his Nemesis and gives that truly high honor to the “Freedom Caucus” (a euphemism for “American Nazis Without Insignia”). My diary didn’t get much traction, but it does at least point out something that ties in with the flurry of OMGWTF that is spattered all over the WH Portico.

Before I explain, let me just lay down a one-sentence rundown of the current sitch at 1600 PA Ave:

The Chair of the House Intel Committee has been exposed as a clumsy shill for the very people he’s charged with overseeing; the Senate Intel Committee looks like it’s in take-no-prisoners mode; a WH leaker apparently gets busted (either that, or a rat abandons ship); Mike Flynn, an early casualty of the Russiagate scandal, just cut a deal to give testimony for immunity; and multiple polls have Trump at historically low disapproval ratings for a Presidential “honeymoon” period.

And that’s not even close to a complete rundown of how bad it is for Trump and his flailing crew. But the most telling thing that happened in the last few days wasn’t even commented on this site, to my knowledge. TPM carried the story of Trump talking to Senators from both Parties who were at a WH function a couple of days ago when he said this:

I know that we’re all going to make a deal on health care. That’s such an easy one. So I have no doubt that that’s going to happen very quickly,” Trump said at a reception at the White House for senators and their spouses. “I think it will, actually. I think it’s going to happen. Because we’ve all been promising, Democrat, Republican, we’ve all been promising that to the American people.”

“We are going to be doing a great job. Hopefully it will start being bipartisan,” the President added.

Now, I know that nothing that Donald Trump says can be taken as anything other than either delusional or a purposeful fabrication, but this particular delusion, that he can bring Democrats and Republicans together to “make a deal on health care” — as Dems will not countenance any kind of repeal of the ACA and the GOP will not countenance anything but a repeal  of it— shows the depth of Trump’s desperation. He’s actually asking the people he vilified for the last several years to give him a hand! He knows that the meteoric demise of AsifweCare (aka Trumpcare) put him on the canvas, and the litany of disintegration noted above, that is swirling around his dim consciousness right now, must be like the referee counting “seven, eight!”

He’s blinking and wiping the blood from his eyes. He’s hoping that the bell will ring and he can go to his corner and get some smelling salts.

No, that’s all wrong. He’s not a prize fighter. He’s a sucker puncher. But you get the idea: he’s down for the count and he knows it. He’s desperate, hoping (and getting as close as he is capable to  pleading) that the Dems give him a hand up.

The middle finger is what we must offer him. Fuck him and the snake oil wagon he rode in on. And fuck any Dems that take him up on anything at this point. This SOB is SOL. He must go down and, with him, everyone in his orbit. This movement (not even sure that’s a pun at this point) must be flushed.

Read that one sentence litany of shame again. Check out the links. This isn’t just the worst US President in history, it’s also the end of the American Democratic Experiment if Trump and his entire enterprise aren’t consigned to permanent and irrevocable Infamy.

Resist. And let your Dem Congresspeople know that they must also Resist.


Reprinted with permission from Daily Kos