The White House Actually Did do a Background Check on Michael Flynn

by Frank Vyan Walton –

It takes her some time to get to it, but in this report Rachel Maddow reveals that in additional to being repeatedly informed that Flynn had been paid by Turkey the Trump White House actually did do a background check on Michael Flynn before hiring him as National Security Advisor.

The White House and President Trump’s transition team reportedly did a background check on former national security adviser Michael Flynn in addition to his already approved security clearance, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow reported Friday evening.

“NBC News has learned from sources close to the Trump-Russia investigation that both the Trump transition and the White House did do a background check on Flynn,” Maddow said on her program, citing reporting from NBC’s Andrea Mitchell.

“This is in addition to his already approved security clearance. They did a background check on Flynn specifically for him to become national security adviser.” […]

So how in the world is this all Obama’s fault?

And it’s actually considerably worse than that when you put that in context with the other actions of the White House in regards to Flynn as Maddow does here:

The Timeline as laid out by Maddow in the above video (with my own embellishments and details included).
  • November 8, 2016 — Michael Flynn writes an Op-Ed in support of Turkey arguing that the U.S. should extradite a Turkish expat who President Erdoğan blames for the recent attempted coup.
  • December — Trump transition does a background check on Flynn, they are also specifically informed by Flynn’s lawyers that he may have to register as a “Foreign Agent” because of his work for Turkey even though the Pentagon had previously warned him to get permission for such payments first.
  • December-January — Flynn talks to Russian Ambassador Kislyak, mentions “We’ll review everything” when sanctions are brought up.  This conversation is recorded by the NSA/FBI.  Flynn also fills out his forms to reactivate his security clearance related to his being selected by Trump as national security advisor.  Flynn fails to include that he had received $530,000 from Turkey or that he had taken another $45,000 from Russia in 2015.
  • January 10th — Jeff Sessions testifies during confirmation hearing that he doesn’t know “any Trump surrogates who were in contact with the Russians.”
  • January 23rd — Spicer claims Flynn didn’t talk to Kislyak about sanctions.   Later Mike Pence goes on Meet the Press after talking personally to Flynn and claims he was told “He didn’t talk to Russia about  sanctions.
  • January 24th — Flynn interviewed by FBI, says he didn’t talk to Russians about sanctions.
  • January 26th — Sally Yates goes to the White House personally warns Trump that Flynn may be vulnerable to “blackmail by the Russians” because he’d lied to the FBI about his contacts with Kislyak.  Trump does nothing about Flynn.
  • February 2 — Yates gets fired by Trump allegedly for refusing to defend his Muslim ban executive order.   Flynn stays.
  • February 8th — Washington posts asked Flynn if he discussed sanctions with Russia, he say “No” twice.
  • February 9th — Flynn’s spokesman issues a correction to Wapo that he “doesn’t remember” if he did or didn’t discuss sanctions.
  • February 10th — Trump is asked about Flynn talking to Russians about sanctions.  Says “I haven’t heard that.”  Note: He had already been personally told about this by Yates on Jan 26th.
  • February 13th — Flynn is fired, allegedly for lying to Vice President Pence and causing him to be embarrassed about what he said on Meet the Press.
  • March 1 — it’s discovered that Sessions met with Kislyak twice, in July and September.
  • March 2 — 100 Democrats demand that Jeff Sessions resign as Attorney General.
  • March 4 — Sessions recuses himself from Russia investigation — Trump blows his top and that weekend tweets about being “Wiretapped in Trump Tower by Obama” — Narrative shifts away from Sessions.
  • March — House Intel committee invites Sally Yates to testify about Michael Flynn.
  • March — Pence — who was head of the Trump Transition Team who were informed about this by Flynn’s lawyers specifically— is also asked about Flynn receiving payments from Turkey and answers “This is the first I’ve heard of it…
  • March 17th — Spicer blames GCHQ for Obama wiretaps. GCHQ demands an apology. Doesn’t get one.
  • March 21st — House intel Chair Devin Nunez takes trip to WH to review data revealed by one of his own former staffers who had been hired on March 7th and a former Flynn staffer that supposedly support Trump’s “Obama wiretapped me” claims.  Does press conference the next day, then meets privately with Trump to tell him, what Trump’s own staffers had said.
  • March 28th — Yates testimony is cancelled.
  • March 30th — Micheal Flynn asks for immunity in order to testify to congress.
  • March 31st — Trump walks out in the middle of a signing ceremony after being asked about Michael Flynn’s request for immunity.  Signs the executive orders in another office away from the cameras that were brought to film him signing the orders.
  • April 5th — Trump blames Susan Rice for wiretaps and unmasking. Rice denies it.
  • April 6th — Nunez recuses himself from House Russia investigation.
  • April 12th — House Intel committee members finally review docs “unmasked” by Rice, they say “Hell No.” she didn’t do anything wrong.
  • April 13th — GCHQ and others say they have incidental SIGINT of Trump team members “Coordinating” with Russian Intelligence agents.
  • April 27th — Trump again asked about Flynn during a signing ceremony, ducks the question.
  • Spicer and Chaffetz Blame Obama administration for “failing to vet Flynn” because he was able to renewed his security clearance — after lying on the renewal forms which is a felony.
  • April 28th — Chaffetz quits congress.  Then decides to stay while he still has Obamacare to get foot surgery.
Something in this story stinks.  Actually a lot of things.  And not all of them are Michael Flynn.
Reprinted with permission from Daily Kos