The Who’s Final Tour: Why All the Hate?

Who_-_1975When it was recently announced that The Who would take on one last world tour, I must say that I was beyond dismayed at the press and public’s general reaction to the news. It broke my heart more than just a little. The venom being spewed was a little frightening. Comments ranged from mildly annoyed to downright nasty. People spoke of the fact that this is not the first time they have announced their ‘final tour’, this isn’t the Who since the passing of Keith Moon and John Entwhistle, they are far too old to be out there again and they haven’t had a hit in years. Sure, they announced their farewell tour 30 years ago and again in 2006, but c’mon people cut Pete and Roger a little slack here. These two rock music phenoms, at ages 68 and 69 respectively, are about to embark on an endeavor in 2015 that is almost superhuman, a world tour almost 50 years after they made their first appearance on the rock music scene.

To be fair, the major reason they toured as much as they did was because John Entwhistle would call Pete and beg him to do so. John was a man of much extravagance and would piss through money like a drunken sailor. Inevitably, when the money ran dry, John would make the phone call to Townsend pleading to go back on the road to replenish his bank account. Pete always had a soft spot for John and would arrange a get together with Roger to talk him into hitting the tour scene once again.

I feel that criticism, any criticism, of this upcoming tour is extremely misguided. This is a band who has over the years and decades provided the listening public with a plethora of material. Songs and albums that will go down in history as some of the best music ever pressed to vinyl. We are speaking of a band who scored nine top ten albums out of the 11 studio albums they released, literally dozens of singles (weirdly, not a single #1) and has provided a soundtrack to most of our lives that exists to this day, whether it is their tunes on your favorite FM station or as soundtracks to TV series’ and car commercials. I don’t think the majority of people out there realize just how prevalent their music was and still is.

So, before we jump to any conclusions about their upcoming tour let’s just step back, take a breath and allow these royalties of rock to do what they do best, entertain us with music that is loud, timeless and, above all, sensational. After all, we are talking about The Who, the band that defined a ggg ggg ggg generation.

After scouring my brain for a song to include at the end of this piece, I decided on this one. It may not be their most well known or their best but it never fails to bring a smile to my face each and every time I hear it. Do enjoy this little gem from 1967. Keith Moon is hilarious in this video.