These 16 Quotes Explain Why Trump Will Be The Republican Candidate

by John Prager –

Donald Trump is awful — exactly the sort of person he would describe as a “loser” if he possessed some modicum of self-awareness. Trump is exactly the sort of person who unapologetically aggrandizes himself among white supremacists, who believes in spite of facts and logic that the twice-elected President of the United States is not a United States citizen. Trump has earned his spot as the GOP frontrunner in the traditional manner — by preying on the insecurities, fears, and prejudices of a scientifically-proven low-IQ base.

The billionaire’s campaign began as what seemed to be a parody of the ridiculous levels to which the Republican party has managed to sink, but quickly grew into one of the most horrific movements our nation has seen since burrito night at the Limbaugh household.

Trump’s popularity — especially with white supremacists — is driven largely by his demonization of “illegals,” a line of rhetoric that has led to at least two of his racist followers to attempt to “make America great again” by beating a homeless Hispanic man with a metal pipe and urinating on him. This, of course, is unsurprising given the high susceptibility of conservatives to the sort of suggestion that brown people are all rapists.


Of course, while inventing a problem, Trump happily presents himself as the solution. After all, he’s the guy who will build a gigantic wall to protect White America from everyone else:


The wall will even have a big, beautiful door for those he considers worthy of entry into ‘Murikaland — namely, white, European immigrants. Nevertheless, he is certain Hispanics will vote for him:


Trump has made a name for himself demonizing non-white people, claiming that “educated blacks” have an advantage over what he considers “real Americans.”


However, he clearly doesn’t want “the blacks” touching the thing he loves most: his money — but he absolutely loves his stereotypical view of Jewish people:



Nevertheless, The Donald says that his racist views have not impacted his relationship with “the blacks” at all. Hell, they love him so much that he is absolutely certain that he will win the black vote in the 2016 election:


Despite the fact that “the blacks” love him, Trump has absolutely no issues attacking our first African-American President. While Trump does love to harp on about Obama’s policies (and, of course, birth certificate), some of his favorite boogeymen lie elsewhere — like in his endorsement of scientific ignorance. For instance, Did you know that the Chinese created the concept of global warming to destroy U.S. manufacturing?:



After all, it does still get cold sometimes, and it does still snow…Seems a bit suspicious, right?



Trump has also jumped on the “anti-vaxx” train, warning parents about dangers a lie-filled, discredited 1998 study written by a disgraced man who lost his medical license for his dishonesty says vaccines present to humanity:


Besides, he’s really, really rich, so conservatives are sure to love him regardless of his other professed beliefs — or, perhaps, this is just another facet of Trump’s Trumpiness they adore in addition to the rest of his horrific personality:


And he has a huge, beautiful c*ck. That’s something, right?:



He’s also really, really smart. Trump even says so himself — and who can doubt the opinion of a rich, successful businessman? Surely not Trump!


In fact, he’s exactly the sort of person the Right will continue to love even if he does ever follow through on f*cking his daughter:


But, hey — he’s grifting the system, and that’s something Republicans respect. In his own words, he stands to benefit financially from his campaign, which seems to be  a series of attempts to coax Republicans into denouncing him, each one met with a shocking increase in support:


Even if he is elected, Trump is confident of one thing: He will be quite fine.


…And no matter what anyone says about him, the billionaire does not give two f*cks:



It would be nice to say that Donald Trump’s allure is a mystery, but it’s really not. This is what the Republican Party has become, and it is our duty as reasonable, thinking individuals to combat this mentality. There are a number of good candidates — most notably, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton — who can challenge and defeat Trump in 2016.

Remember the 2014 elections. Low Democratic voter turnout virtually handed control of Congress to the GOP. When the time comes, get out and vote. If you’re not registered, register. Discuss the issues with your friends. Get them excited.

Our nation can not take another apathy-filled election. Remember: We may consider him a joke, but if we do nothing, Donald Trump stands a realistic chance of being our next President.


Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info