This CEO Gives His Employees $7,500 To Take Vacation — The Catch? No Working AT ALL!


FullContact is a tech company based out of Denver, Colorado with a bit of a different approach to making their business successful than your typical American business model.

The typical American business offers the least amount of money possible with a benefit package that is credibly competitive with all the other companies with similar job openings. In America we tend to settle for the status quo.

Bart Lorang, co-founder and CEO of FullContact, understands the value of his employees and the rewards of making them happy. His vacation policy doesn’t just include vacation time, it includes a $7500 bonus to take a trip, with one stipulation:

There is to be no working. Employees must go off the grid, with no emails, phone calls or contact of any kind with the office.

FullContact communications director Brad McCarty told The Washington Post:

“It’s not difficult to measure what happens when someone returns from a Paid Vacation. You see, without fail, people [are] shining brighter, working harder and more excited to get back into the swing of things.”

The company’s benefit package doesn’t stop at “Paid Paid Vacations.” FullContact also offers 100% paid medical, dental and vision insurance, fully paid maternity and paternity leave, (again you must go off-grid), ten paid holidays and much more.

Another of their most interesting policies is their “remote work” program. If you’ve been with the company more than a year you’re welcome to enjoy working remotely for a full month every year from anywhere in the world you choose, and the company pays the airfare and lodging.

All of this plus a free beer policy with your own personalized stein makes FullContact quite possibly the greatest company in America to work for. Bart Lorang, unlike far too many greedy fat-cat CEOs has figured it out.

Your company is only worth the people who work there. Happy people are more productive, they take more pride in their work and they remain loyal. There’s probably a slew of company heads reading this and thinking “how the heck can they afford that?” That answer is simple. When you have loyal employees you don’t need to train new ones. When your loyal employees are happy they produce better work. When your company produces better work it can charge more for it. When your customers pay more for your work and the results are positive they become your best advertising.

That’s how the American business model needs to look moving forward. America became successful on the principle that when the value of something exceeds the price, it’s worth buying. Now the lowest price, regardless of value or quality wins almost every time.

Hopefully Bart Lorang and his amazingly progressive policies catch on.


Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info



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