This Is How It’s Done, America: Canadian Prime Minister Personally Welcomes Syrian Refugees

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In stark contrast to many of the Republican governors in the United States, the Canadian government is welcoming Syrian refugees into the country with open arms.

Rather than hurl hatred and fear-mongering towards the victims of unspeakable violence, newly-elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne showed up to greet a group of refugees personally. The gesture clearly made a big impact on the families.

Welcome to Canada

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“Now, we feel as if we got out of hell and we came to paradise,” Jamkossian told Trudeau through an interpreter. “That’s how we feel.”
“Now in Canada, I can’t imagine my feelings,” he said. “I am so happy, thank you very much. I am looking for safety, a beautiful future and a new future.”

Trudeau seemed to want that life for these people as well. In a selfless move, he told reporters how Canada was going to stand with these refugees.

“They step off the plane as refugees, but they walk out of this terminal as permanent residents of Canada with social insurance numbers, with health cards and with an opportunity to become full Canadians,” Trudeau he said.

That kind of compassion is quite different than the reaction American politicians have had. Racism, xenophobia, and greed have mixed into a noxious cocktail to sow fear and closed-mindedness. America may be the richest country in the world, but conservative lawmakers don’t want to spend a penny of its wealth helping those who need it most. Rather than show the world that America stands up for the world’s victims, it has reacted with shameful hatred.

In Texas, where a Syrian family of eight was set to be resettled, the governor, Greg Abbott (R) set about blocking their entry. He has so far been ordered to allow the refugees in by a federal judge, but vows to continue fighting the resettlement. His Texas colleague Sen. Ted Cruz is drafting legislation in Washington that would allow states like Texas to “opt out” of helping refugees. Given the craven way they’ve handled the situation so far, it’s probable that the bill will get widespread Republican support.

Republican candidates for president like Donald Trump, Rand Paul, and — yes — Ted Cruz have also proposed adopting a “no Muslims allowed” policy to immigration. Cruz suggested America only take Christian refugees from the Middle East. Their version of compassion is heartless favoritism.

According to the BBC, every province in Canada has announced that they are willing to accept refugees from the region. Many, like Ontario, are already setting up extensive networks of support for the incoming families. Other nations, including France, have similarly opened their arms while America closed hers. The site of a horrific terror attack recently, France has every reason to close its borders in fear. Instead, it has vowed to not lose its ideals because of a small group of evil men and women.

President Obama has been passionate about America’s duty to help refugees in need. He has repeatedly called on lawmakers to help with the resettlement process rather than continue to get in the way. So far, his job has been made all but impossible by a Republican Party that is deadset on opposing him and screwing Muslim refugees. Yet another casualty of the dysfunction in Washington created by the do-nothing Republican Party.

America, which often positions itself as a moral leader in the world, has failed to live up to its own standards. Its politicians have used fear and hate to score cheap political points at the expense of America’s reputation and to the detriment of many people who need help. Given the way its northern neighbor has handled the refugee crisis, there is simply no excuse for the ugly way many in America have suggested we treat Syrian men, women, and children.


Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info