This is Why we Must not be Coerced Into War in Iraq and Syria

by Egberto Willies –

The pressure continues to mount on President Obama to escalate his war efforts in Iraq and Syria. Even previous members of his administration are appearing on news programs criticizing his “lead from behind” policy. The media continues to parade them on their screens in order to tilt public opinion.

If recent polls are to be believed, the media has been successful in lowering the president’s poll numbers on his handling of terrorism. The stooges of the defense industrial complex are partly successful. Every American must be concerned as to whether these polls will nudge the president into more than a nominal escalation toward yet another war.

Colonel Jack Jacobs points out that in the immediate vicinity of Daesh (ISIS/ISIL), there are very large military powers that have a huge stake in the stabilization of the area. Turkey has the ninth largest air force in the world. Iran has a half a million man army. Egypt has the eight largest air force in the world. Saudi Arabia’s army is larger than the French army. These powers are doing very little.

Why should the American people risk any more lives? Why should the American people invest their hard-earned dollars in the form of a tax transfer to weapons manufacturers, the defense industrial complex, to solve a problem that is not existential. We should invest in our own security infrastructure and our deteriorating infrastructure at large.

Killing Daesh militants in Iraq and Syria does nothing to prevent the tentacles already in America and throughout the West from striking. This new terrorism is decentralized. Investing trillions to take away territory others are not willing to fight for is not a task for Americans. We are fortunate that we have large oceans on our east and west and friendly countries on our north and south. We should invest in protecting our coastlines and land borders. It is bound to be much less disruptive and less expensive than bombing and killing overseas which simply promotes even more blowback.

Americans must stop allowing those who would use terrorism as a pretext for war in order to generate profits for a few to control our psyche. We must think pragmatically. How would a war in Iraq and Syria stop any attack on the U.S. ISIS or any terrorist group can act without the need for territory. In America, given our gun culture, they can simply go to a gun show, by big guns, and kill Americans.

So let’s stop being played. We must not go to war again. Call your congressperson. Call our president. Engage your friends. Help them see the truth. Let’s invest in our children, our workers, our country for a change.


Reprinted with permission from Daily Kos