This Religious Group Promises To Cure ‘Male Gayness’ In The Craziest Way Possible (VIDEO)

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A religious group known as JONAH (Jews Offering New Alternatives for Healing) has been found libel by a New Jersey jury for fraudulently claiming it can cure gayness in Orthodox Jews. As part of the healing process, men would go out on weekend retreats in the woods and then dance around naked with other men, while playing with each other. According to several accounts, they would throw cake in much the same way little boys would, and then touch themselves while showering in groups. This supposedly all happened while under the guidance of a “life coach” who was to personally guide them out of their crooked, sinful ways, and back into a respectful light with God.

It sounds like the perfect recipe for a gay paradise, not a gay healing sanctuary. But, for all those involved, they joined JONAH because they were frightened by what they perceived to be as a real sin due to their religion. People that went there were promised right through the door that their gayness would be healed when the program was completed. Since there weren’t that many support groups specializing in this area when the organization was initially founded in 1999, it became the go-to place to deal with the gayness problem among Jews.

JONAH received a major leg up in 2004 when it became recommended by the Rabbinical Council of America (RCA), the largest Orthodox rabbinic association in America. Rabbis would then suggest to their gay church members that they attend “therapy.” They treated it as an illness and claimed JONAH was scientifically proven to work.

The Southern Poverty Law Center just released a video of a deposition given at the trial by Jonathan Hoffman, one of its professed converts. In the video, he outlines in great detail the crazy methods used at the weekend retreat that led to his and other members “rebirth.”

The camp would usually start out with men being “blind-folded” and then laid out on mattresses completely naked. Other men would then wipe water on their face, coddling them in much the same way they would a baby. This was allegedly the “in the womb phase.”

After this, everyone would be led out into the woods where men would engage in playground activity, all without clothes on. They would do things like waterslide together, engage in cake/mud fights and even go skinny dipping. This apparently was meant to remind everyone that they still had “boyish energy.”

How this was supposed to cure gayness, is uncertain. And, since the organization claimed they could, that’s why they’re being ordered to now pay $72,400 in damages for consumer fraud and “unconscionable business practices.”

Amazingly, even despite this latest ruling, some Rabbis are sticking by their recommendations that the camp works. That’s because, like JONAH, they claim homosexuality is the resort of a mental disorder, and they want it dealt with. Rabbi Pruzansky, as evidenced from his blog, states:

“The dark secret is that many mental health professionals continue to maintain that homosexuality can result from some disorder but they are petrified to say it publicly or to put it in writing.”

But, the judge in the trial didn’t hear any of this nonsense. He refused to allow such testimony and,  for good reason. The American Psychiatric Association says flat-out, and unequivocally:

All major professional mental health organizations have gone on record to affirm that homosexuality is not a mental disorder. In 1973 the American Psychiatric Association’s Board of Trustees removed homosexuality from its official diagnostic manual, The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Second Edition (DSM II). The action was taken following a review of the scientific literature and consultation with experts in the field. The experts found that homosexuality does not meet the criteria to be considered a mental illness.

Despite this, Rabbi Pruzansky, while admitting that JONAH’s techniques are sometimes “harsh,” defended them as necessary “behavioral tools to sublimate the desires and lead a heterosexual life.” On JONAH’s website, there are many letters by its members testifying that the program has worked wonders for them.

No one is saying that JONAH can’t continue with their crazy weekend parties – they just won’t be able to claim that they can cure homosexuality – that’s all.

Watch this member’s account of what it’s like to be a part of the wild “gay conversion camp:”


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