This Restaurant Made A Black Customer Pre-Pay Now They’re Getting Sued (VIDEO)

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Brian Eason is an African-American man, a realtor and a sheriff’s deputy. But he’s also the survivor of an Elmer’s franchise in Vancouver, Washington that forced him to pay for his meal before he ate. Because he is black. Seriously.

According to his lawsuit against the company, Eason’s server profusely apologized saying that the owner ask him to pay ahead. She admitted knowing the policy was discriminatory. He reportedly returned to the restaurant and asked a table of white patrons if they had to pay before, and they said that they did not.

No one knows why the owner put the policy in place, but Easton is suing for $100,000. Far too little if you ask me. He said when it happened he wasn’t sure if he was going to do something, but his family convinced him that something must be done.

A statement from the parent corporation reads:

“At Elmer’s, we are proud to provide a welcoming Guest experience to everyone in the communities we serve. We are disappointed to hear about the complaint which occurred at an Elmer’s location owned and operated by one of our franchisees.

After asking about any sort of prepay policy, Jill Ramos, Director of Restaurant Support wrote to KATU, “There is no Elmer’s policy requiring any Guest to pre-pay for their meal. We have taken steps to ensure that the franchisee has ended this practice.”

Which means they’re terrified and the last thing they want is for this story to get out. Most think that racists are embedded in the south United States as a throwback to the Confederacy. They’re not. Racism isn’t regional. Racism isn’t unique to a party or a gender or a color. It exists everywhere and it is always wrong and always disgusting.

Here’s the video:


Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info