This Week In Bad Christianity: Anti-Gay Mission America, Ted Cruz, And Mike Huckabee Returns

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What is bad Christianity? It’s using a religion, that’s supposed to be about peace and love, to justify hate. It’s calling yourself a Christian and then pushing for oppression of one group or another.

This week, we have an awful lot of oppression, particularly toward the LGBTQ community. There are some new faces, such as Mission America’s Linda Harvey, along with idiots in the Kansas state legislature and a Kentucky clerk who won’t issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. We also have Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee has returned after a (very) brief hiatus.

Here are this week’s five worst Christians:

1. Mission America’s Linda Harvey says transgender people are possessed by demons.

This is actually a very common thing for right-wing Christians to say about anybody in the LGBTQ community. They must be possessed by demons in order to be so depraved; there’s no other explanation for it in their warped minds. Mission America’s mission is all about the threat that the LGBTQ community poses to America.

Linda Harvey, Mission America’s president and founder, is angry that the media refers to transgender individuals by their preferred pronouns. To her, the media should show the same disdain for transgender individuals’ preferences as she does, because she thinks those preferences are ridiculous and a sign of a sick mind. Our children, in her eyes, deserve sane pronouns and she even asks what the problem is “with claiming one’s authentic sex,” according to Right Wing Watch.

She’s calling on “Christians” to fight back whenever they hear the media refer to, say, Caitlyn Jenner as a “she,” because she was born a man therefore, she’s a man. End of. Caitlyn Jenner and everyone else who is transgender is possessed by the devil. In other words, she wants Christians to band together in an army of hate and oppression against transgender people.

2. Kansas Republicans fire a woman for not being Christian enough.

The incident in question actually happened in 2013, but the lawsuit against the state was just recently filed. Kansas’ Assistant Secretary of State, Eric Rucker, insisted that Courtney Canfield go to church more, worship more and then fired her when she refused.

In fact, all employees in the Secretary of State’s office were constantly bombarded with proselytization and invitations to a service. The person performing that service, however, was such a fundamentalist that he saw it as his mission to convert all state employees to Christianity.

Why is this a problem? It furthers the “us versus them” mentality that’s so ingrained in the fake Christian persecution complex on the right. It also blatantly violates the law; this is a government office and they’re trying to turn it into a religious establishment. Perhaps they felt they could assuage their fake persecution complex if they converted everyone? They’d be safe, and then they could save all of Kansas and eventually, the rest of the country. There is nothing Christian about any of this. It’s not using Christ’s love to draw people in, it’s using intimidation and coercion to force non-believers to bend to their will.

3. Kentucky county clerk not only refuses to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, but she compares it to being forced to perform an abortion.

Yes, this, too, really happened. Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear ordered Rowan County clerk Kim Davis to issue licenses to all couples applying for them, and she refused. Even though two same-sex couples are suing her, she’s refusing.

A judge pointed out how ridiculous her objections are, because there’s nothing preventing her from attending church, going to Bible studies, ministering to other women, or anything else. She’s still free to practice her religion. However, she’s still trying to claim her religious freedom is under attack.

Her lawyer said that this is like forcing a nurse, who’s objecting on religious grounds, to perform an abortion. It’s totally not the same thing, first of all. Second of all, this, too, is the fake Christian persecution complex rearing its ugly head. They sit and scream about religious persecution for the sole purpose of hurting groups of people they don’t like. They want to keep these groups down so they can feel higher and mightier. There’s zilch that is Christian about any of this.

4. Ted Cruz wants to hold a rally for poor, sad “victims” of gay marriage.

Ah, Ted Cruz. We missed you. We had started wondering when you were going to start back up with the bigotry. Ted Cruz, too, suffers from the fake Christian persecution complex. In fact, he feels it so deeply that he actually invited people “victimized by government persecution” to speak at this rally. Those people were primarily business owners who were (gasp!) told they had to serve same-sex couples. The horror.

He’s also released a video that’s supposed to show the damage these poor, persecuted Christians have suffered at the hands of our evil government. This man acts like some kind of Christian crusader, but all he wants to do is peddle hate and bigotry.  Obviously the only reason Cruz wants to be president is so he can return the religious right to their rightful place above everyone else.

5. Mike Huckabee wants to force even 10-year old girls, who have been raped, to give birth.

If there’s any faux Christian out there who’s worse than Mike Huckabee, please, point them out. This man is among the sickest of all the prominent figures of the religious right. He’s worse than even Ted Cruz. There’s no way to explain this sick question of his, which he tried to couch in sympathy for a child rape victim:

“Let nobody be misled, a 10-year-old girl being raped is horrible, but does it solve a problem by taking the life of an innocent child?”

And then he said:

“When I think about one horror, I also think about the possibilities that exist and I just don’t want to think that somehow we discounted a human life. Let’s not compound the tragedy by taking yet another life.”

Where’s all the concern for the 10-year old child who is already on this planet and already suffering horribly? Where’s the concern for the hungry children in America? Where’s the concern for the children with no access to healthcare in America? What about elsewhere in the world? Huckabee is pro-birth, he is not pro-life and he shows is utter disdain for women and girls when he spouts things like this.

If there is a heaven, it’s not likely he’s headed there. When bigger problems facing children and families already on this earth are solved, then Huckabee can be a jerk about abortion. All he’s done with this is show he doesn’t care about living people.

There’s so much fake Christian persecution complex here that it’s astonishing. Stay tuned for next week’s worst examples of Christianity!


Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info

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