This Week In Bad Christianity: It’s Really Terrible

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What is bad Christianity? It’s using a religion, that’s supposed to be about peace and love, to justify hate. It’s calling yourself a Christian and then pushing for oppression of one group or another.

This week, it seems that Rick Santorum just can’t give it a rest. He’s attacking Planned Parenthood based on a heavily, deceptively edited video, without bothering to check the facts. Tom DeLay is a new face this week, and Bryan Fischer has also made this week’s list, after tweeting something from a known white supremacy group. Here are this week’s worst names in Christianity.

1. Rick Santorum: “If you want to go back and take down the Confederate flag, let’s take down Planned Parenthood because Planned Parenthood has continued to do disgusting things from killing little children in the womb, to now selling their body parts and harvesting them.”

Santorum said that Planned Parenthood was started by Margaret Sanger, who was a known racist and into eugenics. For those who don’t know, eugenics is a philosophy involving selective breeding, for want of a better term. The idea is to improve the human race by doing things like discouraging people with inferior genetics from reproducing.

Margaret Sanger did write about eugenics in theory, but there’s no evidence suggesting she was a proponent of the practice. Nor is there any evidence suggesting that she felt some races were inferior.

None of that stops Santorum, though, and neither does the fact that comparing a racist symbol to women’s reproductive rights is grossly insulting to both groups. He needs two things: The first is some Christian empathy, especially for women and minorities, and the second is some education, so he can stop spreading lies.

2. Speaking of Planned Parenthood, Tony Perkins said, “[Yesterday] morning, pro-lifers awoke to another scandal: the news that Planned Parenthood — the same organization President Obama routinely praises, speaks to, and fundraises for — is involved in a black market of body parts.”

Tony Perkins is the president of the Family Research Council, which purports to be Christian. Perkins, an alleged Christian himself, should really know to check his facts before writing entire blog posts that are lies. As noted above, the information these twits are using is false, so they’re spreading lies. We don’t know whether they know it or not, but since Christians aren’t supposed to lie, one would think that they’d at least attempt to be sure their information is true, to the best of their knowledge, before spouting off about it.

3. Tom DeLay: “[Senators] can impeach judges, they can cut the budgets of the courts — they can’t cut the Supreme Court, but lower courts — they can express themselves that way, express their abhorrence to the ruling by cutting the budgets.”

Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay believes that, when the courts hand down a decision he doesn’t like, the Senate ought to use its power to make sure the courts go away. There’s just one problem with this: The courts uphold the rights of the minority in this country.

One thing Christians are supposed to do is fight for the downtrodden. The courts are one way to do that, but it’s apparent that DeLay doesn’t care. Once they hand down a decision he doesn’t like, it’s time to destroy them. This is, however, the guy that said he would fight until the bitter end to ensure that businesses have the right to discriminate against the LGBTQ community, so really, what can we expect?

What would happen when some state, or when the federal government, does something that is a legitimate violation of DeLay’s constitutional rights (and the rights of other Christians) and the courts aren’t there to fight for him? Hypocrite much? That’s what DeLay and others calling for punishing the courts are. They feel the courts should be on their side, or nobody’s side.

4. Ben Carson is slated to attend an event in Iowa with Kevin Swanson, who advocates for death for the LGBTQ community.

Kevin Swanson is the organizer of the The National Religious Liberties Conference, which is to take place in November in Des Moines. It does list Carson as a confirmed speaker; according to Right Wing Watch, though, they haven’t been able to actually get in touch with him to confirm. However, given the insanity that Swanson peddles, any good Christian candidate would be well advised to stay as far away from him as possible, meaning Carson probably shouldn’t have allowed himself to even be listed as a speaker.

Swanson has openly advocated for death for LGBTQ individuals. He’s also lied through his teeth, saying that actual doctors have told him that hormonal birth control litters the uterus with tiny, dead babies. Either those doctors were lying (and should have their licenses suspended), or nobody told him that, and he made it up to sound credible.

He’s told other ridiculous stories, too. Even if he honestly believes what he says, someone who knows better (and we would have liked to hope that even GOP presidential candidates knew better) would decline any and all invitations to even be seen with him. At minimum, it appears that Carson has not done his due diligence on this guy, and he risks looking like he supports death for the LGBTQ community.

5. Bryan Fischer: “DOJ stats on black-white crime: Blacks the attackers 84.5 percent of the time.”

Quoting that statistic doesn’t automatically make one a bad Christian. However, we’re talking about Bryan Fischer, who is an all-around terrible Christian. Why does this specific quote make this week’s list, though? It’s because he got it from a white supremacy group.

But that’s not all. He deleted the original tweet (but the Internet never forgets) and then lied to Charles Johnson, of Little Green Footballs, about ever having it, according to Pink News. The link on the screen-capped original tweet goes to American Renaissance, which cites the New Century Foundation for that statistic.

The New Century Foundation is not only a white supremacist organization, but they also advocate for eugenics, because they believe that black people are genetically inferior. To be linked with these nutjobs is a new low for Fischer.

And these people wonder why Christianity has such a bad name here. Stay tuned next week, for more in bad Christianity!


Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info


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