This Week In Bad Christianity: Some So-Called ‘Christians’ Are Just Plain Appalling

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What is bad Christianity? It’s using a religion that’s supposed to be about peace and love to justify hate. It’s calling yourself a Christian and then pushing for oppression of one group or another.

This week, we have a couple of doozies, and some old favorites. Mike Huckabee is back, along with Ben Carson, and these two actually managed to be bad Christians together. New faces include Jeb Bush, who doesn’t care a whit about the poor, and the president of the American Family Association, who is, just, well… awful. Here are this week’s worst names in Christianity.

1. Mike Huckabee and Ben Carson work to co-opt #BlackLivesMatter and turn it into an anti-abortion #AllLivesMatter schtick.

It’s hard to know where to even begin with this. Not only is #AllLivesMatter so not the point of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, but now both Ben Carson and Mike Huckabee want to further marginalize the black community by making the whole thing about the evils of abortion.

Worse, though, is that a black conservative activist named Eric Wallace says that the #BlackLivesMatter movement is ignoring thousands of black babies who are killed every day, here, in their fight for justice and equality. Because that’s totally the point they should be making. To these loons, the real injustice has nothing to do with people who are already here on this planet, in this country, receiving guilty-until-proven-innocent treatment at the hands of law enforcement and the government. It has nothing to do with ongoing systemic racism that denies opportunity to black people already living here. Oh no… the real injustice here is all the black babies that are aborted before they’re even here on this planet to struggle like this! Open your eyes, sheeple!

Huckabee and Carson seem to agree with this mindset, which is totally okay because Carson is black, too. Nothing racist about it in this case. Except, well, you can’t call yourself a true Christian and co-opt the movements of the disenfranchised for your own gain. You just can’t.

2. Mike Huckabee rails against LGBTQ rights, and yet, still shaves.

This might sound like a triviality that doesn’t really belong here, but bear with us for a moment. This kind of thing is probably among the biggest reasons why the religious right is populated with bad Christians. They take some Bible verses and throw them around as justification for hate and oppression, and totally, utterly and completely ignore others.

Huckabee was called out on this at a town hall in Iowa this past week. Rod Webber, who attended the town hall, first asked Huckabee if he considered himself a Christian, and then began quoting Bible verses at him. One verse, from Leviticus, reads:

“You shall not round off the hair on your temples or mar the edges of your beard.”

Huckabee does not follow this rule at all, but will rail against LGBTQ rights as Christian persecution, because homosexuality is soooooo evil.

Some will say that these things are outdated, and that’s why they no longer follow them. Times change. Society changes. However, to legitimately make that argument, they need to acknowledge and understand that society is also changing to accept LGBTQ equality, and that maybe, just maybe, their ideas on that issue are outdated, too.

3. Jeb Bush gives a Christian anti-poverty group the finger.

According to Mother Jones, more than 100 Christian leaders working under the umbrella group, Circle of Protection, asked all the presidential candidates to make a three-minute video explaining what, as president, they would do to offer help and opportunity to poor and hungry people in the U.S. Most candidates did answer that question, to varying degrees. Not Jeb, though.

Jeb sent Circle of Protection a stock campaign video instead. Mother Jones reports that it was the “Making a Difference” video he recently filmed, which, of course, does not answer that question at all. But why is that anything more than just a minor gaffe on Jeb’s part? Quite simply because this is also the man who said working families need to work longer hours in order to bring more money home, and stimulate the economy. (He also thinks employee benefits are for the birds and wants to raise the retirement age.)

In other words, Jeb has already shown he doesn’t care about the poor or that workers are getting poorer, that he believes the poor are poor by choice, not because we’ve got a system that’s stacked against them, or because of a lack of access to opportunities like decent education and good jobs. Since Jesus Christ cared very much about helping the poor, this is one way in which Jeb does not walk in Christ’s footsteps.

4. The president of the American Family Association, Rick Wildmon, says that conservative Christians need to continue to fight for their values, because of the great battle between good and evil.

Rick Wildmon is crazy, first of all. He believes that his god “carved out” a special place in history for the U.S. to spread the gospel to the world. Because of this, Satan hates us. Therefore, conservative Christians have to fight harder than ever for their own values, because Satan is trying to take them away and flush America down his lava-filled toilet to a very fiery hell.

Who here knows what these people’s values are? If you answered with “traditional” marriage, women barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen, no help for the poor and continued marginalization of everyone except white, Christian men, you’re right. Without the religious right there to fight for these Right, Good and True™ things, our nation will surely fall.

(How do these people look at themselves in the mirror every day?)

5. Christian firefighter threatens to delay rescue for black people.

Chad Tyson, a Dallas-area firefighter, responded to a story on a fellow firefighter’s Facebook page about a black man stabbing a firefighter by saying that he’d delay treatment for black people. How does that jibe with being a Christian? It doesn’t. It says that all black people are responsible for that stabbing, and he will get revenge on an entire race by refusing to treat them, despite that being his job.

Being a firefighter, a paramedic, or a rescuer of any type, means you can’t discriminate. You’re not doing your job if you do. However, as a Christian, you shouldn’t discriminate anyway. This is absolute bigotry at its finest, and Mr. Tyson is no more Christian than anybody else who would seek revenge on innocents like this.

Sadly, these are the kinds of people who speak loudest for Christianity, and the true Christians aren’t heard at all. What we need are more true Christians speaking out more loudly than these nutjobs, and showing the world what the religion is really supposed to be about. That won’t happen, though, as long as the religious right keeps fear-mongering.

Stay tuned for next week’s bad Christians!


Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info

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