This Week In Bad Christianity: The Return Of Anti-LGBTQ Hate

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What is bad Christianity? It’s using a religion that’s supposed to be about peace and love to justify hate. It’s calling yourself a Christian and then pushing for oppression of one group or another.

This week, we have an entire group of people on the religious right who are working to align themselves with anti-LGBTQ governments to fight against U.N. recognition of some families with same-sex couples at their heads. We also have our old favorite, Mike Huckabee, and some new faces, like Jeff Sessions and Louie Gohmert. Here are this week’s five worst examples of Christianity.

1. Religious right works with anti-LGBTQ governments to stop a U.N. resolution that could bring recognition to same-sex couples.

One group, known as the Center for Family and Human Rights (C-FAM), is working with many others to keep the U.N. from changing language in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that might lead to recognizing same-sex couples and families as legitimate. The language in question could be changed to say, “All families,” or, “various forms of the family,” which is extremely distressing for these idiots. C-FAM considers these phrases weighted, and a push by “leftist governments” to further the so-called “homosexual agenda.”

Where do we even begin with this? The main problem is that the religious right doesn’t just want to continue subjugation and marginalization of the LGBTQ community in the U.S., or in Western society; this is something they want to accomplish worldwide. Why? Because this is all about hate and fear. These people are all about hate and fear, and evidently, they will stop at nothing to keep down those groups they fear and hate, everywhere they can.

2. Mike Huckabee compares providing medical care to transgender people to buying small-busted women breast augmentations.

Oh, Mike Huckabee. You’re so utterly clueless in your bigotry.

Huckabee thinks that providing treatments, such as hormone therapy and gender reassignment surgery, to transgender people, happens because they just want to feel better about themselves. They don’t like what they see in the mirror, the way a woman with a small chest might not like what she sees in the mirror, and so they go through all this treatment just to feel better.

He actually said that we might as well buy women 38Ds if we’re going to buy transgender people hormones and different genders.

This is ridiculous on its face, because going through therapy to become who you really are is nothing like cosmetic surgery to fix what you see as a physical flaw. In fact, these two issues are totally separate and have absolutely nothing in common. But we can’t expect a close-minded, idiotic bigot like Huckabee to even attempt to understand that.

Worse, though, is that the comment was eerily reminiscent of his disgusting comment back in June, where he said he wished he’d thought of pretending to be female in high school so he could shower with the girls. One has to wonder if he’s speaking to sick fantasies in his head, which he should have more productive means of handling if he’s to call himself a Christian.

3. Louie Gohmert proposes throwing same-sex couples on an island, to see what kind of marriage nature favors.

The idea that marriage exists to create children has been around for a long time, but Louie Gohmert took it to a new level when he proposed this experiment. He suggested that, because throwing four same-sex couples on an island would result in precisely zero children, we can’t allow marriage equality to stand here.

This is bigotry couched in what sounds like a rational argument. It makes perfect sense to those who think marriage equality will be detrimental to our society. However, it, too, only demonstrates the hate that the religious right feels for the LGBTQ community.

How do these people look in the mirror every day while calling themselves Christians?

4. Right-wing nutjob David Daubenmire says that Christians need to be militant and violent, not “sissified.”

To fight for “Christian” values, this guy thinks that conservative Christians need to be more bully-like, similar to Donald Trump. They need to man up in their anti-LGBTQ, anti-secular, anti-choice activism, otherwise they’ll lose every cause they’re fighting for. They need to “reinvigorate the masculine side of our faith.”

He wants people to start acting more like Westboro Baptist Church, and declare that their god hates homosexuality, divorce, and abortion. No more “love the sinner, hate the sin,” if this guy gets his way. It’s all hate, hate, hate.

At least he’s open about their need to hate. He wants them to spread hatred. That’s so against Christ’s teachings that it’s absurd. He believes it’s the only way to win, though. We just have one question: Why would sane and rational people even want to be part of such a thing?

5. Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) says that gay couples could just call themselves married.

Speaking at Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle Forum, Sen. Jeff Sessions said that two people could just call themselves married, and they could have whatever wedding they wanted in a symbolic ceremony. The only difference is that their “marriage” wouldn’t be legally recognized.

The whole fight for marriage equality was for the purpose of ensuring that LGBTQ couples can enjoy the same rights and privileges as straight couples. To ensure that equal protection applies, well, equally. Having a symbolic ceremony that carries no legal weight whatsoever is utterly pointless, and does nothing for equality.

Sessions doesn’t want to share, in other words. He’s saying, “They can say what they want, but I don’t want to share ‘marriage’ with the icky gays.” Sessions also brought out the false persecution complex. An oppressor is not suddenly oppressed because another group gains some equality, and to say otherwise is flat-out wrong.

It’s the same old stuff from these people; they’re using their faith to justify continued persecution, particularly of the LGBTQ community. Then they’re turning around and crying, “We’re being persecuted!” Many of these same people do this with the poor, and with people of color, but since the Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality is still fresh in their minds, along with all its fallout, they’re focused on that right now. Stay tuned next week for more in bad Christianity.


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