This Week’s Tin Foil Moment: Obama And NAACP Are (LOL) Banning Gadsden Flag

A story cleverly placed by Liberal Trolls is making its rounds in conservative circles this week, and the outrage is hilarious. The “Don’t Tread on Me ” snake of the Gadsden flag, the symbol of the Tea Party and a stern warning to neighbors and out-of-town visitors that “an imbecile lives here,” became the brunt of this week’s best joke. Originally a symbol of the colonists and their unity in the days of the American Revolution, the flag has now become a symbol of the hate, bigotry, intolerance and idiocy of right-wing nut jobs and their archaic beliefs.

The story Teahadists are upset about comes in the wake of the backlash against the Confederate flag. With the movement to have that particular symbol of racism and slavery folded up and dropped in a bottom drawer, the Trolls of the left decided it would be a perfect time to take aim at the “snake of stupidity” and have some fun. They began circulating a ridiculous story that President Barack Obama, speaking at a conference for the NAACP, called for a ban on the Gadsden Flag and that the NAACP would boycott any state that continued allowing it to fly. It wasn’t long before the issue, which could have been resolved in 3 minutes of Googling, became the outrage of the week:

Posted on the popular satire page Fox News the Facebook Page, this headline took off like wildfire. It appeared on conservative pages and right-wing blogs for days until The Voice of Reason (TVOR), Liberal Troll extraordinaire, broke the silence and began the process of pointing and laughing. TVOR took aim at a particularly heinous conservative page called “Seditionist,” notorious for calling for the President to be impeached and lynched for the treasonous crime of being black in the White House. The moment they shared the story from another conservative “news source.” it was game on:

Here’s the full text of TVOR’s brilliant smackdown:

“It’s hysterical the way imbeciles like you can be baited into spreading idiocy like this; all anyone has to do is dream up something crazy, something Obama would never actually say, something that would really piss you off, and then post it someplace where even one RWNJ moron will see it and we’re off to the races. How do we know we can get you to believe anything? Because you idiots never fact check a damn thing. Once someone posts some over-the-top satire piece playing on some unfounded fear of yours with some variation of “Obama BAD!” plastered across the top it’s only a matter of time before some moron like you jumps on it like it’s one of your sisters.

This particular story originated with a satire piece at Fox News the FB Page which some Teahadist idiot swallowed hook, line and sinker and spread it to the next idiot who posted it on his page where it took off. Right now Fox News the FB Page has a story up about how Obama wants to make Kenya the 51st state. Do you believe that? How about their “News” story on how the Supreme Court, whose last term ended about a month ago, just gave the public schools the go-ahead to teach Satanic Studies courses one day ago? Do you believe that one too Cletus? My second favorite is the story about how “LBGTQ of America” voted today to adopt a rainbow Gadsden Flag as “the flag that will now represent LBGTQ communities across the nation” as if there’s some centralized hub of the gay movement with a Supreme Gay Overlord that determines what flag all gay people everywhere will fly.

That’s my second favorite story only because the story about Obama wanting to ban the Gadsden flag in an NAACP speech has rattled the cages of so many low-information Teahadists like you. I would ask if you bothered to look up what Obama actually said at that NAACP dinner, remarks which were available to anyone with the Googles, but I know that asking someone as stupid as you a question like that would be pointless because brain-dead idiots like you and your friends look at a line like “Obama’s remarks included a litany of daunting statistics: that America is home to 5% of world’s population but 25% of world’s racism” and you actually imagine a man with an undergrad degree out of Columbia and a JD from Harvard saying something so patently dumb.”

Taking aim at the Gadsden flag is nothing new, though this particular attack was extremely satisfying to watch unfold. The best part is, after Seditionist had been schooled by TVOR in reality, they deleted his post, banned him and ran the story AGAIN! It seems that even though they were 100% informed that this story was a fake, it didn’t matter. It’s the kind of things that keeps conservatives angry, and that’s all that really matters to these degenerates.

To oblige their anger, Liberal Trolls have come up with somevariationsof the Gadsden flag that can be used by anyone as a comment when all arguments including logic, reason, history and fact have been expended:

download (1)

download (3)

download (4)

images (1)

images (2)



It’s unfortunate that such an historic symbol had to become associated with such morons, but at least we can make use of it for a few laughs.

Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info



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