Those 100 Black Pastors Endorsing Donald Trump On Monday… Well, They’re Not (VIDEO)

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During a press conference on Wednesday, Donald Trump told the media that 100 Black pastors were expected to endorse him on Monday.

It should come as no surprise by this point to learn that Trump was lying, again.

Several members of the African-American pastor coalition that was scheduled to meet with Trump on Monday have made it very clear that are not endorsing Donald Trump.

According to the Daily Beast, Trump issued an invite to members of the coalition, but they were not aware that the invitation was going to be promoted as an “endorsement of Trump.”

Among those flatly rejecting the idea that they intend to endorse Trump is Los Angeles-based minister, Bishop Clarence McClendon. McClendon, who was invited to attend the meeting, wrote on Facebook:

“I am not officially endorsing ANY candidate and when I do you will NOT need to hear it from pulpitting court jesters who suffer from intellectual and spiritual myopia.”

Likewise, Bishop Corletta Vaughn, the Senior Pastor of the Holy Spirit Cathedral of Faith in Detroit, also posted a message to her Facebook account. Vaughn said she was shocked to find her name being circulated on a list of Black pastors supposedly endorsing the candidate. She said that her inbox has been “blowing up with inquiries” about her plans to endorse the candidate.

 “Let me be clear. I was invited to attend a gathering of clergy to listen to Mr. Trump on Monday November 30. I respectively (Sic.) declined as I do not support nor will endorse Donald Trump.”

Bishop Paul Morton, a prominent pastor from Atlanta, Georgia posted a tweet on Friday, saying:

“I was asked 2 meet with Mr Trump too but I refused because until he learns how to respect people you can’t represent me thru my endorsement.”

According to the Daily Beast, so far only one of the 100 pastors that Trump has been saying plan to endorse on Monday even plans to attend the candidate’s pathetic press conference. That single pastor, Pastor Darrell Scott, has said he does plan to endorse the candidate.

Scott was the person who was attempting to arrange a meeting between Trump and African-American Church leaders. Even so, the pastor said that his invitation was for them to meet with him, not to endorse his candidacy.

Rev. Jamal Bryant, a prominent AME pastor based in Baltimore, told the Daily Beast, “The 100 pastors they say are endorsing Donald Trump?  I don’t know where those 100 are coming from.”

Bryant said he’s talked with several other members of the pastors coalition, who were invited to attend the Monday meeting. It seems they were all equally surprised to learn that they were endorsing the candidate.  “I don’t know what policy these pastors could mobilize around.  I can’t find a strand of any policy he has that the larger black community would be respond to,” Bryant said.

The minister referred to Trump as a “cross between Archie Bunker and reality television.” Bryant went on to say, “It’s frightening and unnerving that the Republicans would be at this point with him as their frontrunner.”

Inform released the following video highlighting the non endorsement of Trump by what looks to be about 99 Black pastors.


Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info