Trey Gowdy’s Benghazi Committee Collapses…and It’s Time To Move On

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It’s unusual to see back-to-back headlines here, but this from the New York Times says it all:


And for good measure, here’s the first sentence:

Ending one of the longest, costliest and most bitterly partisan congressional investigations in history, the House Select Committee on Benghazi issued its final report on Tuesday, finding no new evidence of culpability or wrongdoing by Hillary Clinton in the 2012 attacks in Libya that left four Americans dead.

Clinton responds:

The Situation Room


Hillary Clinton on #Benghazi: It’s “pretty clear” it’s time to move on 

Her campaign responds via spokesman Brian Fallon:

“The Republicans on the House Benghazi Committee are finishing their work in the same, partisan way that we’ve seen from them since the beginning. In refusing to issue its report on a bipartisan basis, the Committee is breaking from the precedent set by other Congressional inquiries into the Benghazi attacks. And in leaking out select portions from their report in the middle of the night, without even allowing some of the committee’s own members to see it, the Republican members are clearly seeking to avoid any fact-checking of their discredited, conspiracy theories.

“After more than two years and more than $7 million in taxpayer funds, the Committee report has not found anything to contradict the conclusions of the multiple, earlier investigations. This report just confirms what Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and even one of Trey Gowdy’s own former staffers admitted months ago: this Committee’s chief goal is to politicize the deaths of four brave Americans in order to try to attack the Obama administration and hurt Hillary Clinton’s campaign.”

The White House responds:



White House reacts to GOP #Benghazi report

Everyone knows this was a partisan witch hunt from the beginning, as a top Republican famously admitted on national television. Far too much time and money has been spent attempting to cause political harm by exploiting the deaths of four brave Americans, so we should all take Hillary’s advice and move on from this shameful episode.

Is this really the kind of Congress that the American people want? If not, there’s a perfect opportunity to do something about that this November.


Reprinted with permission from Daily Kos